Chicago Bulls Mailbag – Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis, Billy Donovan & More News!

Chicago Bulls Mailbag – Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis, Billy Donovan & More News! ——————————————————————— | Shoutout …



  1. I’ve been getting that feeling that he will end up on the bulls so let’s hope it happen 🙃 It will literally shake Chicago up 💯

  2. Love the content. Only suggestion, you don't have to say "I'm going to be honest" so much, no one thinks you are lying, man. For another video idea or content idea, what about YOUR takes on who the bulls should draft, who they should hire, and what free agency looks like in your own eyes and what you think needs to happen to get this team back on track.

  3. Lebrons contract being up is irrelevant. He isn’t leaving LA. He has made that pretty clear. He isn’t uprooting his family again, especially when he can win there. What the Bulls would need is a big decline in his play. But that might not even work because the rumor is PG13 will be joining the Lakers that offseason, especially if Lebrons game slips. Maybe a fight with Lebron? That seems unlikely too considering they are like brothers. Who knows

  4. I love all the optimism, but we’re far away from signing a Giannis or AD. Let’s be real. Why would they come here with better options out here.

  5. Remember Billy Donovan said he didn't want to be on a rebuilding team so if the bulls sign him that means we are probably gonna after AD and Giannas because we do have room for two max Contracts

  6. I love Giannis on the Bulls because he's a hard working playing who I believe is going to strive to get better. There are alot of talented guys in the NBA who settle with their abilities and never improve. But I can imagine Giannis going hard in the off season to fix his jumper.

  7. We don’t need to trade for AD he has a player option and he hasn’t taken it yet cause he wants to hit free agency plus he already declined a max contract from the lakers earlier in the season

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