1. Wooo. This is a really intelligent coach that knows his stuff. Very impressed with his acumen and ability to be concise and explain ins and outs and what each player needs to work on.

  2. Sato will help to get Lauri, Otto and Zach better looks and back them up on defensive end. He also brings toughness and grit to both sides of the floor. Let's go Bulls! 🏀

  3. Pat Williams is already more acclimated to the NBA than WCJ. Carter looks like the rookie. Forget the 3 point attempts for now. Work on the post and midrange, like Taj Gibson once did for the Bulls.

  4. Coby what happened man we needed u last nite my friend I was thinking u was going t take the next step we lost by 20 if u put up 24 we would have won the game

  5. Wendell Carter needs to stop shooting jump shots… he should be diving to the post and flying to the rim. He’s been a huge disappointment. Billy Donovan is too passive, I’m hoping the bears make a run in the playoffs so I don’t have to watch this mess.

  6. The fact that coby mentor was CP3 and he can’t be at least a decent passer🙃(Ik Idk wat they learn from cp3 but he should at least have learn how to play make)

  7. Trying to get today’s NBA player to adopt defense and execute it is like getting a little kid to eat their veggies. They’ll spit it back up on you. Hoist 3 point attempts from mid-court all game and no defense, it’s not hard to see why the NBA isn’t popular (among other reasons)

    Coach will have a few less hairs on his head with this team before this season is over

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