1. Damian Lillard potential. 😂😂😂
    That's why Klutch Sports Management team scooped Darius Garland up = perfect TEAM CHEMISTRY

  2. Even if they had the number 4 pick I think Darius is definitely a reach I've been watching this kid Kevin Porter Jr. and he's either going to be a star or maybe over rated not even sure he'll be a bust because he just has soo much game I love big guards and him & Zach in the backcourt OMG!! 🔥🔥 Power…

  3. To me the perfect situation for the Bulls is to jump into top 2 and for ATL to stay at like 5 or 6 and 8 or 9. If Atlanta would do it I would trade the top 2 pick for both ATL's first rounders. Might have to throw in Kris Dunn to sweeten the deal. I would even consider throwing in Zach if the Hawks stomach most his salary. Then with those picks I would draft a new PG and either a SG or SF. I understand that means no Ja or ZIon but Ja has been compared to Westbrook. What has Westbrook won? And the Zion to Lebron or Barkley comparisons are way off. Zion is a highlight reel player but don't see him as the type you build around to win a championship.

  4. Fast forward…Glad we still have Boylen. Garland and Morant service isn't needed in Chicago at that high of a pick. Now if they trade a such high pick trade it to Boston for 2 out of 3 of their 1st round picks. Now if Garland is available at #14 then take him.

  5. I agree that we should keep coach Boylen.
    I do not feel that Darius Garland will be the number 4 pick in the draft.
    The Bulls should draft the most talented person and not for need at the point since they can get a point guard in free agency.
    I would rather have Cam Reddish or Colby White (if we do draft a point guard).
    I want D. Rose back!

  6. If you can't get Ja Morant then Coby White is the guy. However, does it make sense to take the best available player at the fourth pick and take DeAndre Hunter? Then with the second round pick take Carson Edwards? Just a thought.

  7. I actually think that Garland is a better fit for the Bulls than Morant. The Bulls need a guard that can shoot well from 3, the more spacing the better.

  8. My opinion if we can’t get morant,Darius Garland would be my choice the dude can really shoot the rock,and is just as quick as Ja Morant.if the bulls stay in the 4th spot I believe garland will be our guy.he is the 2nd best pt guard in the college ranks for 2019.

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