Chicago Bulls Off-Season To Do List | 2019 NBA Predictions

Chicago Bulls Off-Season To Do List | 2019 NBA Predictions


  1. The Bulls gotta solidify some roster pieces and try to get better. The team needs to work towards developing chemistry and too many moving parts will hurt that process.

  2. Chicago Bulls fucked up real good. Two years ago they got the veterans that can bring the team to the playoff and I know the managements were upset about that year playoff series against the Celtics; but hey that Rajon Rondo injured otherwise the Bulls would have swept the Celtics. After that season, they bought out all the veterans' contracts and rebuilt with an injury prone Zach Lavine franchise player. They also kept Robin Lopez. What a screw up big time from management. Now they wait for miracle to get a franchise player like Derick Rose. They should have kept that team and find a good backup PG to back up Rajon Rondo or do some upgrade to it. Zach Lavine is like Kristap Porzingis…injury prone.

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