Chicago Bulls Official NBA Mock Draft – LaMelo Ball, James Wiseman, Deni Avdija & Isaac Okoro!

Chicago Bulls Official NBA Mock Draft – LaMelo Ball, James Wiseman, Deni Avdija & Isaac Okoro!



  1. A small forward since we lack that post , we already stack at center position with WCJ , Gafford, Felicio, Kornet , at power forward we haveLauri Markanen , Thad Young , and sometimes Gafford can play power forward position at shooting guard we just need to trade for 5that position

  2. We need a playmaker / facilitator more than anything. Board should be 1. Lamelo Ball 2. Dani Avdija- 6’9 point or playmaking 3. Game very similar to Luka but a little more athletic.

  3. Coby white can Score, rebound, and get assist, He started a PG 1 game and was the POG without lavine. Anthony Edwards is better than lamelo, two things bulls should focus on is improving on offense or protecting the paint. Lottery pick Wiseman or Edwards, but Deni is 3rd best pick

  4. nba 2k20 bulls franchise got Derrick Rose for carter in trade request and rose anLavine make the defenses head spin lol its funny af watching it in simulation so much step backs handles an assist it's DUMB domt got much cap room but it's worth it for a season or 2

  5. Deni is top 4. Guaranteed. You hype up lamelo for playing pro overseas for a year. Deni has been a pro since he was 14. Hell even top 2 if he keeps balling like he has been.

  6. Hey fam wiseman didn’t get injured… there was “controversy” surrounding his eligibility to he left Memphis. Something about penny hardaway giving his family money or something like that

  7. Bro you said Obi is an undersized 3 and 4. Which one is he? I personally think he can play the 3 just has to work on his footwork and speed. I want either Ball, Deni, Obi, or Okoro

  8. Avdija avarages better stats than Hayes in a better team against tougher competition with better size and experience and higher ceiling, he should be a top 5 pick and before Hayes

  9. We need a SF I’d go with obi or Deni. Personally I would like Deni he’s a passing type player that fits the bulls having coby and Zach at the guard positions and would help with getting Wendell and lauri good looks

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