1. We are already the best with Paul George wait until Granger comeback Wade and the heat wont be able to much of anything

  2. im a bulls fan. I meant to say without D Rose were a 500. team. With him we're the only team to matchup up against the heat. Yes I said it. were better than OKC

  3. @4321kdog you a damn lie. the Bulls have a great team, Derrick just insures an ass whooping, I guess you ain't see 3rd PG drop 25 last night.GTFOH

  4. Indiana's butt still hurts after that series. Indy's streets ran red with Bulls fans celebrating after losing Game 4. That's how big a joke the Pacers are

  5. @TheOriginalKingD stop making excuses. Sure we trailed, but it our faults that you couldnt closeout some games? It isnt luck, its all down right skill. I do agree, NOah is dirty.

  6. @kasfami And in game 5 we absolutely molested them and showed why we are the far better team, hell they let Keith Bogans score 15 on them in the game

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