Chicago Bulls Rumors! Anthony Davis Wants To Play For The Bulls?

Chicago Bulls Rumors! Anthony Davis Wants To Play For The Bulls?


  1. The Bulls aren't design to pull off block busters deals like other NBA teams.Anthony Davis isn't coming to Chicago-It's fake news by the Chicago sports media.Is Tom Thibodeau looking for work ? bring back Tom Thibodeau.

  2. I thought AD didn't want nothing to do with us? The last I remember was he narrow it down to three teams, and the bulls was neither…Well I will pass. I rather wait tell Markkanen and Carter become superstars, and then maybe we can sign AD on a 1 year Vince Carter veteran minimum deal when he's like 38 and still trying to win his first championship

  3. If GarPax can make better decisions than what they are making now the Bulls would be in a good space… And funny thing is, when i made my list of players that i would want in 2021 free agent….I guarantee you the Bulls are probably not gonna pick any of those players including AD lol just watch

  4. As much as i would love for this to happen… I still think we as a team will have to do better in general, hopefully make it to the playoffs and catch everyone's attention before deserving the interest of a superstar player the level of AD… And yes he may consider it as he said, but that doesn't mean it will happen & i just don't think it will happen anytime soon… The Bulls have alot of rebuilding and franchise work to do first.. and if we can do that then wanting AD wouldn't matter, he may just want to come here off his own interest…

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