Chicago Bulls Select Marko Simonovic With 44th Pick In 2020 NBA Draft!

Hey guys, it’s Faiz In today’s video, I give you guys my thoughts on the Chicago Bulls selecting Marko Simonovic with the 44th overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft.



  1. At first I thought he was 34 years old but it was another dude with the same name. I've honestly never heard of him being seeing how international players these days are better than most players who play in American colleges I will give him a chance.

  2. I'm so disappointed w/ the 44th pick. They passed on some good prospects who fell to the Bulls at 44 and they chose this 3rd stringer? Just teach DG, and WCJ how to shoot 3's, and leave this fraud overseas. I could see if AK drafted him because his skill set reminds him of The Joker, but this dude is not known for his playmaking/passing abilities. smh

  3. Both Williams and Simonovic are exceptional FT shooters — over 80%.
    Maybe that is a key stat to AK?? It does indicate good shooting form, and dedication to practicing.
    Deni's FT shooting was under 60%, so maybe AK saw that as a red flag. Maybe??
    Still, it seems to me that the Bulls could have traded down 5 spots, and still have gotten Williams.

  4. So many fans saying these were garbage picks and that this is as bad as garpax. It wasn't a strong for sure draft and no one was willing to trade down. AK liked the value of where these players were at and his proven in Denver he can build a good team and evaluate talent. Calm down.

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