Chicago Bulls Star Player Injured? Summer League 2019 Preview!

Chicago Bulls Star Player Injured? Summer League 2019 Preview!


  1. My reasoning is as followed, all 30 teams have the same amount of money and resources to scout, draft and sign players. Some teams have better owners, G.m's Front office people and scouts. I think that a key to success for and NBA team is having a good owner that cares about winning championships a good front office that cares about the well being of their players a good G.M. that is brilliant at acquiring new talent and making the pieces fit in harmony and scouts that can actually spot talent in the drafts and everywhere in between. Bulls ain't winning anytime soon because there owner doesn't give a crap about winning. This goes for all sports. Look at the Bears turnaround, they have the right people in charge finally and have the right players.

  2. That's y the Bulls were so active in FA & making us a deep team that can survive losing a starter for some time. With Gafford & Kornet at center, Markkenen a pf who can be a center also. We're prepared for every position actually, by adding Thaddeus Young a pf who's quick & athletic enough to play sf & strong enough to play small ball center. Tomas Satoransky who's about 6'7" with handles to play pg, high fg% to play sg & tall enough to play sf. Same with Otto who can play both forward spots, Hutchinson can play both wing positions, Zach & Coby can play both guard spots, you gotta love the versatility.

  3. He Had To Get The Surgery Out The Way Now Then Doing It Before The Regular Season Which I Don't Blame Him It Sucks That He Won't Play Because He Hasn't Played Since Last Season Played 44 Games And Has Shown Promise Still Has To Get Better, Improve And Work On His Game Offensively Thankfully He'll Be Ready In September Which It's Great #BullsNation #SeeRed #RunWithUs #CB4L🔴⚫⚪

  4. adam mokoka is really interesting has a chance to be a good 2way player and marques towns is solid hopefully he gets minutes over lemon jr who I don't understand why he is playing for the bulls still, he is what he is.

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