Chicago Bulls Summer League Recap | Games 1-4 | Coby White ROTY? Daniel Gafford Steal Of Draft?

Chicago Bulls Summer League Recap | Games 1-4 | Coby White ROTY? Daniel Gafford Steal Of Draft?


  1. I’m sorry bro I’m a big bulls fan and ima be honest coby is not really going to be that good. 12 7 and 4 is what I see outta young bull. I know he a rookie but I just don’t see the athleticism in him that make good point guards great. Yea he’s fast bout turn over prone rn. And he has to be better with wide open 3’s. I really pray that I’m wrong about the kid, and I’m really gonna be rooting for him

  2. I didn't see anything special in Coby White but he still has 2 mths to adjust to the NBA 3 pt line. He won't be shooting the ball as much once the regular season starts, so he must work on his efficiency…Gafford was bigger and longer than I thought he'd be. A pleasant surprise as a rim protector, but he must work on his shooting if he wants to compete for mins with Wendell, and Luke Kornet.
    Those Pels are going to shock the NBA next season. Their rooks looks NBA ready, and Zion wasn't even playing. Add them w/ Ball, Ingram, Hart, Favors, and Holiday and all they have to do is commit to out hustling their opponents during the regular season and they'll be a playoff contender in a tough Western Conference.

  3. It's lowkey man, but this team is gonna be talented on the court, let's see about chemistry. They are gonna be fun to watch , coming from a rockets hometown fan . LOOKING GOOD BULLS

  4. Everybody keeps saying he needs to develop a jump shot, while I think it would be nice deffinetly not a necessity he is our Capella/Mcgee/Tyson chandler

  5. What I've noticed is bus fans well Chicago fans just bitc and moan and complain all the time. Damn the bulls are rebuilding and people in the comments just hate on every player the bulls draft and when the bulls trade them they complain! Chicago has some of the worse fans ! Stfu and just support these young guys

  6. Coby White is Kris Dunn 2.0. Poor 3 point shooter, poor finisher at the rim, good size, competent mid range, questionable playmaker. Just remember how the league viewed Dunn coming out of college. I hope I’m wrong, but then again no one has really blown up the summer league. Tacko Fall is getting the most love 😂

  7. Boylen wants hutch to be bulls stopper or be the best defender he can be so I dont really expect him to shoot lights out. Right now i compare hutch to andre roberson of okc, not a lights out shooter but his defense is great.

  8. A young Dwight Howard and Derick Rose? W.T.F. Way too much opptomism man. I'm a huge Bulls fan and I've learned to not get my hopes up at all anymore.

  9. adam mokoka if he develops right will be a starter in the league and will be one of the best defensive players in the league and his offensive game is not bad jump shot has nice stroke and is a good slasher, just needs to work more on the offensive side, reminds me of butler and hopefully mokoka take minutes away from hutch down the road because I don't see nothing special with hutch.

  10. I see Coby White being either a solid starter or great 6th man and as far as Gafford i see him being a great fundamentals guy wherever he's inserted. Maybe a high energy guy like Noah was but who knows

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