Chicago Bulls To Offer Malcolm 4 Years $80 Million Offer Sheet In 2019 NBA Free Agency?

Chicago Bulls To Offer Malcolm 4 Years $80 Million Offer Sheet In 2019 NBA Free Agency?


  1. Pax gave Falicio huge money to play 1 minute a game……… Do i have your attention yet? Didn't pax trade taj for that horrible point guard we cut last year??????

  2. A great signing. We should be so lucky to get him. Malcolm is a great defender and three point shooter. Can be a leader and allow Coby White to learn from him and create depth off the bench.

  3. Stop lying they just drafted coby white @ pick 7 and got dunn still I think coby starts by the all star break once he settles into the nba.. Paying brogdon that $ would be a mistake

  4. Bring in Rose and Noah as the veteran leadership, maybe even Taj…Trade Felicio and Lopez. The rookies will be really good with Rose and Noah in the locker room. Lopez is a great locker room guy too, but I think we could get a decent long term player in a trade for him. Keep Dunn as the backup PG with Rose as the backup SG.

  5. The east is wide open since Lebron left and any team can win it. If we get Derrick Rose back I guarantee you the bulls will go to the finals

  6. I don’t have a problem with
    Malcom being offered 4 yrs 80 million to play for us.he is not going to dislodge coby white okay.
    My point is more talent
    Equal wins you can never
    Have enough talent.Just
    Think wins Guys!!

  7. Bring back the origi-bulls!! Hehe
    D. Rose, Taj Gibs, Joakim Noah!!! 😄💪🏽
    …for the right price of course! 😉

  8. We shouldn't never gave jim boylan the job we must love the lottery you got mark Jackson avery johnson but you sign jim boylan we must dont wont to win he boylan aint taking us nowhere fire Garpax Boylan start fresh in office and coach we will pick 7 next year why not four in row smh

  9. You must didnt watch college basketball Malcom he played point guard at Virginia so where you get he never played point guard smh so what was he doing starting as point guard for Virginia

  10. We should just spread the money like you said I want to sign D Rose to help mentor Coby and get Marcus Morris to play behind Lauri

  11. Hell nah we just drafted coby the bulls need to chill out on how many point guards there trying to get go after a small forward if anything for that kind of money

  12. Yes if they get him the question is where would he fit? If would be the same as when we got Jabrie Parker playing him out of position! Things could get murky real quick! I wouldn't do it!

  13. The bulls need someone who can score not only shoot…. We need something different….Malcolm is cool but i dont think its gonna happen

  14. I think he is a perfect fit with the bulls. He is a good defender so he can cover for zachs defensive deficiencies. He is a solid spot up shooter, he doesnt need the ball in his hands to be effective, so with zach who is a bit ball dominant he can play off the ball and still impact the game. Also having a 1 and 2 or are interchangeable is perfect.

  15. no way the offer that to D LO and we can get D LOfor 20 million a year because Brooklyn won't match because they won't kyrie get D LO

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