Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors! 4th Pick For Ben Simmons? Trading Up For LaMelo Ball & More!

Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors! 4th Pick For Ben Simmons? Trading Up For LaMelo Ball & More! ——————————————————————— | Shoutout …



  1. Ok can't say lamelo better the Lonzo now zo is a much better better defender and better passer right now then his brother. And lamelo issue is he can't hit long range consist just like his brother. Think there is way to much hype around lamelo

  2. would love to see him traded and let people see this guy is good with any team, its his play style to make his team look good not just himself.

  3. As an Australian, watching Lamelo in the NBL this year was disappointing. His team Illawarra finished dead last in a year where he was the starting PG. From what I can see, good ball handler and passer but poor shooter, particularly from 3 point range. I would personally rather take Deni at 4 instead of trading up for Lamelo.

  4. Coby, porter, Thad young, the 4th pick, and another first round pick for Ben Simmons and horford. Sixers get more shooting for embiid, a young asset with the 4th pick, and get to dump horfords contract. Bulls get a All Star point guard who fits with Lauri, Lavine, and Wendell. Sixers starting lineup is Coby, josh, porter, Harris, and embiid. Bulls starting lineup is Simmons, Lavine, valentine, Lauri, and Wendell. The bulls would have to sign and trade porter to philly. I think both teams benefit.

  5. Sixers fan here… these rumors are hilarious. There is no way you're getting Ben Simmons for the 4th pick and Lauri… Zach Levine would need to be in the trade to even start the conversation.

  6. My bet is that bulls trade coby white (calm down, he's not that good. He got hot when our season was in the dumpster, i dont trust it) and the 4th pick to the hornets for the 3rd pick and rozier. Jordan gets his North Carolina guy and somebody like Okungwu or Toppin at 4, and i don't think Jordan wants to deal with lavar. The bulls would get lamelo and a solid backup PG

  7. The bullpen has extremely young players and aging vets. Thaddeus Young is old and still has a little bit left in the tank. He's being extremely overvalued. The 4th pick and Thaddeus for Simmons is basically a steal for Bulls.

  8. Simmons is not tradable. Simmons is already polished besides not taking three. He can shoot but choose not too. The man not gonna shoot 3 until Lavine comes to the sixers.

  9. In my opinion Zach Lavine is garbage and we need to get rid of him. He is selfish and only cares about his stats and being a star. There is a reason Thibs got rid of him ASAP. Trade him and the 4 pick to the warriors and draft Melo!!!

  10. Ya keep talking bout being these draft players being a better version than ben but i just don't see it..can guard positions 1 thru 5 play the 1,3,4,or 5(depending who the opponent is) would replace lauri finely

  11. Bro a getting a any ball player named ball is gonna be a bust and to have to deal with the father who put some much pressure on his son coming out of UCLA and he has never recovered Ben Simmons is a great defensive player but you need a player that can do both he is a star not a superstar I should have your job let’s really talk who will fit

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