Chicago Bulls Trading For Former 1st Round Pick? Huge Trade Packages With The San Antonio Spurs!

Chicago Bulls Trading For Former 1st Round Pick? Huge Trade Packages With The San Antonio Spurs!


  1. Dude, All 3 trades are Fantasies.
    Spurs are stacked at Guard; none of the Bulls players are worth trading for except maybe Lauri Markkanen.
    Keep Dreaming

  2. Spurs are not going for ANY of these packages 😂😂 these are literally the WORST trades I have ever seen. You really think the Spurs are stupid? Lol

  3. sorry to bust bubble bulls fans no trades happeing and Lonnie Walker is not going anywhere he just got picked up he's one of our top secret weapons you think San Antonio is going to let him go no way

  4. 1st trade package wouldn't work, spurs have a returning starter pg this year already and two back ups.
    2nd trade package wouldn't work either because, we already notice potential in Lonnie walker, and the spurs are draft pick gods. So we know😉
    3rd package i would consider as a actual option but, kris dunn is the only thing i would drop or seek another player or just for a 2nd rnd pick.

  5. …you could tell who ever did this article about 3 trades bulls would do with the spurs…he didn't do his homework cause spurs are very high on lonnie walker been a key future piece for the spurs…stupid trade scenarios that the spurs will never do…the spurs will make no trades with there roster except trading poeltl for a better center but i doubt the spurs will even do that…

  6. Chandler Hutchison & a 2nd rounder for Lonnie Walker? I wish all CAPS on that, no way we get that lucky as Bulls fans. And don’t be tryna shop Gafford since he hasn’t even played a game yet. That would be such a mistake to trade him away even though Bryn, Poeltl, & a 1st rounder is beneficial. #TeamTreyMoore

  7. I'd pass on all 3. Walker for Hutch is tempting but neither can shoot…I'm not sure keeping Dunn will impact Coby White's mins. White will still have to outplay coaches favorite Ryan Arcidiacono, Shaq Harrison, and share mins with Tomas Satoransky. The combination of depth at PG along with the Bulls actually trying to win enough games to make the playoffs, might limit Coby White to having a redshirt season. Part of me wants to keep Kris in rotation bc he's due for a breakout season. Dunn is out to prove all doubters wrong plus he's in his contract yr. I'd at least like to see Kris Dunn leading the Bulls to wins for a mth or two before management trades him.

  8. Don't do anything doesn't Tom Satoransky play SF also, you can use him and Valentine to backup Otto Porter until Huthington gets back. Go Bulls!

  9. All 3 trades are bad for the Spurs . We already have Murray , White and Patty for PG , so why we need Dunn ? And Chandler something plus a second round pick for Lonnie is obviously a joke. He destroy in the summer league and are ready to be the next young star for the Spurs like Murray and White are in the last two seasons, and Lonnie even have more potencial than both. Obviously they don`t know shit about the Spurs.

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