1. Its crazy that no one ever talks about Jordan's game 1 where he had 49 !! I mean wow 112 points in 2 games in Boston against maybe the best team ever that's just unbelievable !

  2. It’s amazing how stupid people are look at the bulls roster it sucked balls . Did anyone hear what mike said not one player can beat Boston by themselves. Look at the Boston roster defending champs

  3. Jordan had no help, the Celtics were a more experienced team and this is why they won the series. I will take the Bulls Championship Teams over the Celtics teams any day of the week.

  4. Yeah so Jordan was unguardable and Bird at this time already a legend great game it was a young inexperienced MJ leading the charge against the dynasty obviously MJ was out manned but certainly not intemidated by the Celtic's awesome squad.

  5. 2:20 wow jordan was a animal. Ball handling was amazing!!! His shot looks effortless. I see why they call him the GOAT

  6. MJ was just SO much more dominant. Kobe and LeBron are great, but today MJ was nothing like before! Dr. J's athlethism, plus a J.

  7. That little vignette at the end showing Jordan highlights set to Rocky music before the game was even over was patently lame…

  8. Michael Jordan's 2nd season. Larry Bird's 7th season. Bulls sucked on the road that year (8-33). Celtics went 67-15 that season and breezed through Chicago, Atlanta and Milwaukee in the playoffs, finally beating Houston in 6 for the Championship.

  9. prince – you are a hack. Just couldn't accept that Bird took it to Jordan so you didn't show the Celtic win. Yea, your boy is a ball hog and look who took the sweep. Typical. Jordan was good but look what a "team" does.

  10. This game was back in 1986 and the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan and the Boston Celtics Larry Bird and I love this basketball game back in the 1980s

  11. Before the game Jordan said one man can't beat the Celtics. Then he goes out & tries to. Wrong answer boyeeeeee!

  12. Yes Larry Bird's Celtics dominated Jordan and the Bulls. It is funny that the video doesn't show the Celts winning. In game 3 at home the Bulls were humiliated…including Michael. The greatest team in history…1986 Celtics.

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