1. All these years of being trash has landed Jordan with sum really good young talent omg. Marvin Williams will be a quality vet to help these guys , but IM SURE JORDAN WILL FUCK IT UP SMH !

  2. Afro need to get away from the bulls…He the best player but was past up on plenty of play's and wasn't in the game at the last minutes..

  3. These two teams were creating a rivalry everytime they play i will tune-inn. Great Battle! Two young teams loaded with talent. Good opener win for Charlotte

  4. Zach , start believing in your 3s. No more going in for layups when the game is on the line. They WANT you to shoot that layup.

  5. The hornets will be scary. You have a whole bunch of solid guys who are hungry trying to make a name for themselves. Last year they were all playing for Kemba’s team now this year they are dogging it out to be the next guy up.

  6. Not mad at this game… the Hornets couldn't miss and they had two Marvin Williams out there it looked like in p.j. washington! I liked the game overall but on to the next!

  7. I think the east will be more fundamentally sound games being played than the west in terms running what they coaches want to run ,the talented teams are out west but the most coachable players are in the east ,,if y'all understand where I'm coming from

  8. I don’t know why teams make it so hard. Players like Devonte graham, jalen Brunson, Carson Edwards ball out and college but because of size drop to the second round. It’s pretty simple if they can ball they can ball.

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