1. Bulls got robbed. Bulls should have shot free throws with 3 seconds left. But nope, the pacers go into overtime with all the momentum and steal the game.

  2. Dispite not being a pacers fan, I am a fan of Oladipo. He is a great player. But Im gonna warn u pacers fans about something that might effect ur team come playoff time or the rest of the season. After a devastating injury like this, the player who had it aren't the same as they were before the injury. Their minds are on "what if it happens again" and all that. I don't expect Oladipo to play just as good as he did before. He might play similar or close to his old self, but never again the same. Just putting it out there.

  3. Good win Pacers but no lie , I thought Bulls was gone win tho. The Refs should have called that foul last few seconds in the end of the 4th , that would have sealed it . Get it next game Bulls.

  4. I was at the game supporting my Bulls, we should've won it and kept White in cause he was putting in work. It was great to see Oladipo back, also Felicio needed to stay on the bench he barley did anything to help us that game💪🐂

  5. Not gonna lie my pacers didn't deserve to win tonight sloppy ass game but Vic put the NBA on notice with that shot .. when he's back to form my pacers are the most dangerous team in the east .. time to take out the deer and giannis 😤😤😤

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