1. My favorite LaVine performance ever. I really couldn't give a shit when he plays hero ball, scores 40 and Bulls lose. This on the other hand was a grown up game from him. He made his teammates better.

  2. Even against the Kings, the Bulls didn’t quickly blow that 22 point lead and lose. They Kings chipped away, the Bulls built the lead back to double digits, just to have it tied again in the last couple minutes. The Bulls are scoring at an impressive clip, they just need to learn to settle down and withstand runs from their opponents. Zach needs to find his teammates for easy assists down the stretch. The Bulls scoring prowess combined with defensive effort and fewer turnovers can beat many NBA teams on most nights.

  3. This team is a talented team. They are just young and as Billy said , they will need to learn how to close games, and when they do, they will be a winning team.

  4. The bulls can beat you in many different ways,they can beat you with Lavine scoring 40 or 10,Every game they lost their turnovers was 20 or more,Every game they won it was less,the bulls almost beat the clippers with 23 turnovers,the bulls way better than a lot of people may think,if they really take care of the ball they can beat any team on any night and any team in any series,when LBJ said I think the bulls got a nice one he really was talking about the team,he know if Lauri was there it would only be stronger.

  5. Great take. Couple notes, I believe if Temple and Young closed out last few games before this they would of won 1-2 more games on that west trip.
    Also, Lauri today looked like more important player than LaVine. Not just of how he played vs how LaVine played, but that his aggressive play wasn’t empty stat Loss. Interesting few things today

  6. even tho zach and coby didn’t have the best shooting night but they still tried to get involved on the court on assists and steals hope they can do that more with scoring. glad lauri is back didnt shoot the ball as well but did great offensively

  7. Yo are you on Twitter?? If not, I think you should! You could get a lot more subscribers, there’s a ton of bulls fan on Twitter. It’s also a very interactive platform.👍

  8. Go Bulls! This was a great TEAM game. Everyone played as a team, everyone contributed on the floor, no one had to do extra. Unlike the Mavs who needed Luka to do everything.

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