1. as a bulls fan At this point, i feel done now with this team. Just trade everyone and break it up for better winners. This has been going for since the butler rebuild with this core of wendell, lavine, coby, and lauri. You was up to 22, you made crazy mistakes as usual in the 3rd. You was up 16 with 3 mins left and 10 with 1:30 secs left, you still lost

    They get sloppy with turnovers, lazy passes, look like a deer in headlights at times when handling pressure, lazy defense, sloppy with shots, cant get the long important rebounds, they tend to take their foot off the accelerator. This reached my breaking point. Just trade everyone.

  2. Hey I am really quite disappointed on the bulls turnovers in the 3rd I believe the bulls can be a playoff team but they have to clean up the turnovers and fix a little defense..

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