1. Coach is the BIG DIFFERENCE and this game is the MAIN PROOF. This JAZZ TEAM would have also destroyed this BULLS TEAM if they switched their coaches. Jazz have 16 point lead at one point and not calling a timeout until it evaporated down to seven. CRAZY😬😬😬😬😬😬

  2. When Marv Albert mentioned about Jordan suffering from the Flu, at first I’m sure it sent a shockwave to sports fans across the country back then. But when he put in that incredible performance, it shows that he didn’t want to lose regardless of the situation.

  3. 15.2 secs to go. Bill Walton “You got to foul right now, you got to foul. Karl Malone what are you doing?” Logic tells me you foul. Yes you foul out but you force Chicago to make their foul shots and you give yourself more time to set a play to either win or tie the game. Must remember Jordan was struggling with illness and OT may have push him where he could not play effectively.

  4. Hornacek had really bad game so as John and yet Bulls only won by 2 pts. Jazz won 2 in a row and would be a 3rd game. But MJ is really fantastic. 90s Finals were way more fun than shit 2000-2010

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