Chicago Bulls vs Washington Wizards – Full Game Highlights | December 29, 2020 | 2020-21 NBA Season

Chicago Bulls vs Washington Wizards – Full Game Highlights | December 29, 2020 | 2020-21 NBA Season SHOP OUR NBA MERCH COLLAB: …



  1. glad my Rockets traded WB, addition by subtraction. he a great individual talent but damn man it doesn't really translate to W's. He had a triple double in this game as well. crazy.

  2. Russ needs to get 8 or 9 shots an then worry about getting 20 assists. Crazy to say that but he's more than capable of it and the other players need those touches.

  3. cant believe some people are disappointed by washingon, whatd they expect? westbrook is not a winning player and he is washed. him and his triple doubles dont lead to winning

  4. They need a #1, Zack is not it..
    Zack only scores when the team is tied or leading in points..Every game this year so far.
    The game today:
    **No Shot Attempts when the BULLS were behind in the 1st quarter.
    **8 Minute mark into the 2nd quarter he took two shots when Bulls were down and missed them both – One of them being a wide open 3ptr @about 7min 55 sec into the 2nd quarter.
    **Scored his next bucket 1 minute and 30 sec left in the 2nd quarter by making a 3ptr when the Bulls were up by 5 points.
    Bulls led most of the 2nd half.
    ** THIS IS WHY THIS DUDE IS NOT AN ALLSTAR – HE DON'T WANT THAT PRESSURE AND ACTIVELY IS AVOIDING IT WHEN HIS TEAM NEED HIM THE MOST.. If it wasn't for Coby, they would got blew out again because Coby was the one with the balls to take shots when the team was down on a regular bases. BEAL repeatedly took shots when his team was down and showed why BEAL>ZACH. Zach keep dodging the smoke, like a true #2 by only scoring when the score is tied or the BULLS are in the lead.. Go Watch The Tape.. No wonder they got blew out and couldn't make a come back in the 1st two games..

  5. Pathetic. I’m tired of this mediocre BS. Our front office is terrible and our only good players are Markkanen, Satoransky and Arcidiacono. We should have kept Robin Lopez and signed Gordon Hayward, but Chicago sports franchises have no idea how to accumulate talent.

  6. Definitely looks like an old westbrook from okc. He has plenty of options. Hopefully they prove to be a force in the east… would be nice to see different teams make it to the finals💯

  7. Does deni even get the ball I swear Westbrook and Beal are ball hogs I feel bad he landed on a team like that he should’ve went to the bulls

  8. Alright Russ got another triple double that's what's important right I mean i'am I right Russ plays with such a fiery determination that GOD himself couldn't average a triple double no one plays with his courageous heart and he doesn't stat padd ever KD and harden were holding Russ back im I right I mean I must be right

  9. How is Russ averaging a triple double and Beal scoring 20+ but they are still losing? This makes no sense

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