Chicago Bulls Who's In? Who's Out? | Off-Season Predictions, Player Grades & More Bulls News!

Chicago Bulls Who’s In? Who’s Out? | Off-Season Predictions, Player Grades & More Bulls News!



  1. Keep coby Zach and gafford that boy gon b a double double machine and coby courtvision gon get better n Zach just needs better D cus that boy cookin

  2. I haven’t seen the Bulls in really over a year… With the new front office I think they will be better next season….Their are only a few players who I know who are on the team so I think new management should get rid of who they aren’t interested in keep some & move the rest!!!!!

  3. The truth is this video doesn't matter til we find out who the new coach will be. On the right team, with a competent coach, Valentine, Dunn, Gafford and Harrison are necessary pieces on a championship team. This roster as currently constructed is legit. But the coaching is severely lacking. We need to get a legit superstar for Zach to compliment. All the (young) pieces are there

  4. Keep Coby Zach Thad Wendell Lauri Gafford Hutch (Injury prone but still has high potential as a starter and above average defender) and either Kris or shaq but not both.. I still like our current team but we definitely need a better head coach, coaching staff, and med staff. I've always liked our scouting just not our timing decision making and execution.

  5. I rlly hope Lauri develops into a true 7 ft center so we can slide him up to the 5 and let Wendell play power forward, also Coby, Zach, Lauri, Wendell, Gafford lineup at the end of games?

  6. Bruh, I fucks with you,but come on bro? If I hear 1 more person give Markaneen a pass. No more passes bro,just face it,this guy is very one dimensional and struggles like crazy from the arc. Hes not nowhere near a good 3pt shooter,yet he takes at least 4-6 a game and he sucks. As far as Denzel? Boy hes been a question mark since he came to us and felecio is cold trash on a hot day….and bro,Dunn is actually an above average mid range shooter. Remember the Gov helped mold Dunn. Have you forgotten that under Fred, Dunns shot percentage was actually better than it is under dumb ass Boylen? Dunn averaged 14.4 pts under Fred and dipped back to what? 4/4.5 or something like that? All I know is,once they allowed Coby to take advantage of his hot zones…which is that mid range? The kid started playing better. I tell you what? I liked Fred. I bet you give these same guys which is to me an upgrade from what we had, no offense to Jimmy,but no hard heads. A bunch of guys that'll listen with the skill set and I Promise you,youd see a difference and I'll go so far as to say at least a 10 to 12 game upgrade from our season stats of late. I bet that
    Just look at how a lot of those guys were coming out of their shell before he was kicked to the curve for this clown now…damn smdh

  7. Core should be white, zach, lauri, and carter… Imo sato, felico, luke, and harrison should go. Dunn and denzel can be good bench pieces at guard but we have way to many.

  8. Fire GarPax and Boylen. New coach Atkinson or Stackhause.Pick Lamello Ball and trade Ball,Tad Young and Satoransky for Jrue Holiday and 13 pick Nola Jayden Mc Daniels.Trade Hutch, Arch, Kornet and 48 pick for DRose. Sign and trade Dunn for Kagenbele. Holiday Lavine Porter Markkanen Carter. Rose White Mc Daniels Kagenbele Gafford. Mokoka Simon Noah

  9. Come on man! I do like your videos but some of the ratings u give are nuts. Both Young and Sato have been proved terrible signings. They should be out along with Felicio, and some of the FAs Dunn-Denzel-Shaq. I'd rather see Felicio out even paying him the money he's owed than seeing him back again.

    Fire Boylen. Bet for the young players and try to sign some young/middle age player with some value without compromising the future and we'll be in the right path.

  10. There's just so much uncertainty on this team its sad.. and when ever the next season starts we either gonna be decent or really bad and nothing in the middle.. So much more could've gone better and remember we were getting 20 point leads, 15 point leads or 17 point leads in the beginning of the season and just couldn't finish it.. we have talent but injuries will always be against us

  11. Arch uses all of his talent. LaVine barely uses his own talent. Zach has phenomenal physical gifts.
    With his speed and size he should be a lock down defender. But, he is not.
    What physical attributes does Kawhi Leonard or Klay Thompson have over Zach??
    Nothing. Zach is as fast and more athletic than either. Yet, they are great defenders, while Zach is crap.
    Zach has become tolerable (barely) at defending, but he will never use the talent he has.
    If we could put Archidiacano's heart in Zach's body, we would have someone like Michael Jordan.

  12. I like Arcidiacano as a backup. Sure, other players may be more talented.
    BUT — Arch is clutch. Arch harasses his opponent, often making them cough up the ball. He is a good 3 shooter. And, he is a decent passer. No, he is not a starter, but he is a spark plug that works harder, trains harder, and never gives up.
    I didn't like him at first. Too small. Too slow. and Too limited. He does NOT have the god given talent that so many others have.
    YET — he does more with what he has than other players. He has a high Bball IQ, and most of all he has heart.
    It the other Bulls used as much of their talent as Arch uses of his, the Bulls would be contender.

  13. You should do a video about what the team would be like if they draft Markus Howard I’m really high on him and love you video’s

  14. Loved the video ✌️
    Definitely keep: Zach Lavine
    Coby White
    They're both great players.Always on fire haha.They are 2 of my most favourite players. We can also keep gafford and Lauri for sure🙂 they are also not bad either🤙

    We definitely need Boylen gone completely. That also goes for pax/gar Forman they are both bloody useless. What have they done to ever improve our team and manage them how they should be? They haven't at all. We need improvement and change. As for that clown Boylen I have nothing nice to say about him either. Apart from he's a useless coach and doesn't know what coaching a team is lol. I'm surprised he even become a coach. I want us bulls to have a better front office and coach then we will be all set. Our team is a mess at the moment because of those reasons lol.

    Everything should all get better soon enough 🤷

  15. I like gafford as a future Taj Gibson type role-player same with Coby White both can be long term loveable players that carry the bench and win us games. Kinda like Lou and Harrell combo.

    Focus on getting a floor general type pg and a stretch big move WCJ back to the 4 start Hutchinson. And then just fill the bench with fillers/average players. Outside of these players everyone else should be gone.

    Final move publicly execute the medical staff and front office.

  16. I always said that Chris Dunn had reminded me of a very good defensive player like Jimmy Butler and the Chicago Bulls should just go ahead right ahead and Resign him to another contract !

  17. We need to keep White, LaVine, Carter, and Lauri. Lauri isn't used correctly under Boylen, but that should change once GarPax and Boylen are gone during the offseason fingers crossed just about everyone else on the team can go and we'd see improvements

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