1. 11:33 thats the difference between Iverson and Jordan. Michael Jordan took practice seriously, go and look at his interviews with Ahmad Rashad and see what Michael Jordan says about practice being essential for him to be confident as an individual on his skills and how well they could mesh together as a team

  2. They need a complete overhaul of the structure of the franchise. I mean Chicago Bulls could have landed the likes of Kawhi Leonard and Victor Oladipo but our management is symbol of ineptitude

  3. WTF is Rob talking about? I hate when a great debater/reporter /radio person is pared with someone that makes or try to make horrible points like Rob and Skip smh.. Damn Chris do a show with Nick wri9or Sharp or Carter please… Or go solo Parker is slow and looks like a old puppy..

  4. Zach Lavine had a reputation alongside Wiggins and Towns in MN for being lazy.

    You know what he DIDN'T HAVE? Consistently bad games.

    Butler was talking that stuff about the Wolves when he left. What happened when he left? They started winning.

    You know what team is known throughout the NBA for their tough conditioning? The Miami Heat.

    Miami Heat have been the most injury plagued team in the league the last three years and it's not really even close. At times they have had to run 8 man rosters this season, like they did last season.

    Sorry, but this mentality is bullshit. Rob Parker is absolutely right.

  5. Did he go maybe a little to far sure but this team has a bunch of mentality/physically weak players no one on this team should be built around in my opinion

  6. It is a softer world. Athletes want all the money but want to work 50%. The old guard is gone, that old work until you break yourself is gone. Rob Parker is exactly what is wrong with today, soft as shit that thinks running after a 56 blowout loss is punishment lol FOH niggas better run until they puke because getting blown out by 56 is disgusting.

  7. Its a 2 -way issue. Boylen haven't yet established enough relationship cache with his players, specially with the star players, and the players are too coddled and have no pride in their game/craft to not be embarrased after losing bad. Although its 80/20 the players fault haha.

  8. Please get Broussard on with someone else, he's such an intelligent guy and it almost seems belittling that he has to work with a simpleton like Ron Parker

  9. Yeah…. if you suck! Man up and practice!!! What are you gonna do to get better? Game night downtown?

    Outside of Zach Lavine none of those guys are doing much. Jabari don't believe in D. Markannen just got back so we'll see.

    Ima Hawks fan. My Hawks are trash too…. but they fight. They are young and inexperienced and building chemistry. They way they lose looks different from the Bulls

  10. Chris Broussard the most negative sports reporter/personality ever unless it’s about LeBron, and Rob Parker the second most negative personality along with having the worst takes

  11. It doesn't matter if the players don't agree. It's not up to them.

    If the coach isn't allowed to coach the team his way, he might as well not be a coach.

    It doesn't matter the reasons. I am not suggesting the players need to be sheep, but this is not the right decision by the soft players who like Chris said, haven't been coached hard and had everything given to them by the looks of it.

  12. What Chris Broussard is sing it's exactly my point about Luke Walton. Lavar ball on the other end Coach very hard and AAU and what he has been saying is that Luke Walton is too soft on Lonzo ball. Lavar said you got to get along those face and check him when he messes up and he responds better. That is not with Lucas doing with Lonzo or any other Lakers player.

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