Clyde Drexler – 42 points vs Bulls Full Highlights (7 nasty dunks) (1988.02.26)

Got a request? Leave a comment here. Clyde Drexler scores 42 points against Michael Jordan’s 52 and the Chicago Bulls in a great win …



  1. Where was this in 92'? I really thought Clyde and his Blazers should have won that title. Yes, glad he won with Houston, but should have been his second.

  2. During the late 80s and early 90s, aside from Jordan, there wasn't a better a shooting guard than Clyde. He led the Blazers to the NBA Finals in '90 and '92. He led the Blazers to a league-best 63 wins in the '91 season. Also, Clyde consistently put up high stats in rebounds, steals, assists and points. I'm glad he was able to get his championship with Houston in '95; easily one of the most forgotten greats and one of the best players of the 90s.

  3. everytime you think drexler is gonna just lay that baby up he somehow just ends up finding a way to dunking it. the guy is amazing its too bad hes not rated higher

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