Coby White CRAZY Offseason Workouts! Chicago Bulls News & More! White Is Looking JACKED!

Coby White CRAZY Offseason Workouts! Chicago Bulls News & More! White Is Looking JACKED!



  1. Coby White looks so well an fit 👏👏 I'm glad he's looking after himself 🙂 we need this man to be stronger for the team 🔥 we need all our players strong!!

  2. I hope they trade for Derrick Rose. He would be an excellent mentor for Coby, and he doesn’t mind coming off the bench. It’s the right time to bring him back if you ask me!

  3. I love Zach LaVine… but if I had to choose between him or Coby, I’d take Coby for sure… Zach is the top asset the bulls have, especially with the contract. I wouldn’t be against trading him before his contract ends… unless he proves he’s a winning player.

  4. Oh now it’s sad that he was the 6th man coming off the bench behind sato but all y’all was saying he wasn’t a starter Tomas should start because he could pass the ball at a high level when he only avg about 5-6 assist per game man I been saying that man should start when he was drafted and why the hell did they bring sato here in the first place y’all some wishy washy fans frfr cony the future pg of this organization and league him and Wendell gone be unstoppable in a few years watch

  5. Man I really hope the Bulls get this coaching thing right because if they do then the future is really really bright. The only thing worse than keeping Boylen would be hiring the wrong person.

  6. He’s not exactly small for a point guard… Not that it really matters… He’s incredibly quick, not the best vertical… Doesn’t matter, I see that he has the potential to be as good as James harden with better defensive potential..He’ll get bigger and stronger, and when his game matures he’ll gain confidence which is what turns a good player into a great player… He has the work ethic obviously, and talent. Hopefully his passing will improve if not, we can draft someone or continue to use Thomas Satoransky… You don’t really need a primary ball handler… The 90s Chicago Bulls didn’t, they just used Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen and sometimes BJ Armstrong…If they get lucky, I wouldn’t mind this “Ball” because his father doesn’t seem to be hovering… Otherwise Toppin would be great..or Killian Hayes/Halliburton are other nice options.

  7. Looks strong especially in the shoulders. He'll be able to rip through reaches better and get up 4 pt plays. Also great to hear he's working on his passing ability to become a more well rounded pg. I want to draft okoro too. He's a dog

  8. Looking forward to watching this😀 I'm so happy Coby is looking after his body and staying strong for our team the legend that's what I like to see✌️

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