Crazy Expensive! Nike Chicago Bulls Authentic Michael Jordan Jersey

Nike Chicago Bulls Authentic jersey Michael Jordan Collectable jersey Is it worth $400? Authentic vs Swingman video coming soon!



  1. I have a MJ jersey, but mine is a Mitchell and Ness one, the fabric on my MJ jersey has the "Climacool" feature, like it has some lining on it. And mine is also stitched, the MJ jersey I have is a retro one. It was REALLY expensive.

  2. i bought that jersey too,it’s nice & actually perfect for the hot weather on the philippines! BUT the quality coukd be better! a lot of loose lil strings on the inside

  3. I could buy 2 dope mitchell ness jerseys for that even 4 ness swingmans this jersey is the worst thing known to jerseys … nothing throwback or authentic about it never wore a swoosh on shoulder logo on back .. you can only hope that it sucks so bad that noone buys it and that makes it go up in value … wtf was nike thinking

  4. That’s a remake jersey original Nike jerseys will have size numbers It wouldn’t show the Nike logo on top of the jersey Michael Jordan’s true size jersey size 50

  5. No way these are worth $400. They look generic, plus Jordan never wore that style of jersey with the Nike swoosh on the front. Mitchell & Ness would be the only company that would get my money, because they make them exactly as they were made in the past.

  6. I was at FootLocker recently and they had this jersey on a mannequin. One of the workers tried to tell me that this jersey is a level up from the $220 Nike authentic on-court jerseys. He told me the material is different. I don’t believe him at all. Is he correct?

  7. If i was quality control guy, it wouldn't pass. Stitching is way too bad. Looks like it was produced in a hurry. Can't get money's worth

  8. I dont agree with the price its pretty ridiculous I feel like the people who came up with this price are nuts. You can a find a jersey like this on ebay for $100-$200, $400 is just nuts for a jersey.

  9. Great review man. Do you have any other Authentic Nike Connect jersey? Was just wondering if the name and numbers are stitched on all the Authentic model.

  10. No it's not worth it. I could easily get the custom one and do the same thing. And it would only cost $250 plus shipping.

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