Damian Lillard's Top 10 Dunks Of His Career

Damian Lillard Top 10 Career Dunks. Portland Trail Blazers. BEAT: T.I. – What You Know The NBA is the premier professional …



  1. I love how the bench of the opponent is supposed to act like something bad happend, but dunk #1 was so lit that they couldn't help it 🤣🤣

  2. Whether you can dunk or not, and even if you are a good shooter as well, this is the mentality you've got to have as a smaller guard when you're attacking the basket

  3. Portland is a team who should be respected in the playoffs. They're gonna give you a tough series no matter who they're playin against

  4. Great vid @House Of Hoops
    Since this was 2 months ago he has had some more candidates for the list since this was made, but around the time this was made, he had a HUGE 2 handed up the middle dunk at SA in OT and they won the game. There is also a dunk he had in garbage time vs the lakers at home I wanna say, where he dunked through half the team. And most notably, the game on 4/09/15 at GS, in the final min, he spun to split the defense on the left wing then drove rim for the lefty dunk over Bogut. THOSE 3 dunks ALL in 2015 need to make his NEXT dunk list 🙂


  5. the funny thing about some of these vids is that their careers are not close to being over…. they might have more crazier dunks in their future in the NBA

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