Dunn and Harrison leaving!!! Valentine and Mokoka staying!!! Latest Chicago Bulls News!!!

The trade period is a crazy one for the NBA however the Chicago Bulls have yet to do anything serious or crazy! This video will be talking about the qualifying …



  1. The bulls organisation is seem to start a big mistake of not letting g go of Valentine , Felicio ,Thad Young I hope at the middle of the season he would be traded

  2. You know? I see a lot of these replies and comments mad about Dunn,but if you think about it? He basically told the Bulls…."Fu@k you" when he didnt show for mini camp after this Bubble B.S….so expect the expected…..Thats like a no show no call at your job…..You getting fired! well thats their job and if I had that decision to make? I'd done the same…thats total disrespect. As far as Shaq goes??? thats Fu#ked up cause i actually believed he played to his full LIMITED(BOYLEN?) potential and gave it his all when on the floor with us. Hell, gritier than Dunn if you ask me and thats what we need. However, Mokoka is a very good defender as well and with a decent shot-had dumb ass Boylen allowed the kid to play. I also believe that keeping Denzel was/is smart as well, because of his playmaking ability and scoring ability behind the arc. When healthy and given benefecial PT, Denzel has proven he can take and hit big shots down the stretch. And to play for a coach whos gonna use you to your strenghts,allowing ypu to play your game? maaaannnn…..smart move by AK. Still dont understand the whole allowing Shaq to walk.??? but maybe we get back,what we allowed to walk in draft??? as long as its not Mello….the kid cant shoot or play D

  3. bummer to hear about Shaq. I thought he showed great progress from when he first joined the team. I was hoping they would keep him and let Dunn go.

  4. Wow! There goes the Bulls back court defense. Maybe Mokoka will fill in nicely for Shaq and Dunn on defense with a cheaper contract. He did have his moments last season especially when he came off the bench and scored 15 pts in like 5 mins.

  5. It's disappointing Valentine is staying and not Dunn. I don't mind for other NBA news as long as it's only under 3 min long and not taking more time than the bulls news 😀

  6. Sad to see Dunn go. He plays great D. However the kid can not shoot or score. Shaq is a bench player- no big loss. Remember this team won 20 games.

  7. i think AK and ME will be targeting two way players who can score AND defend. The Bulls got worse on defense without those two so I'm sure they will get players who can fill that role while being able to score as well.

  8. I think keeping dunn would of been decent cuz billy turned sga into a young stud as a 2 way player. Dunn could of used that coaching. Harrison was a nice find like david nwaba was. Harrison just a slight better shooter then dunn at shooting 3s. But maybe they go after a vet in avery bradley a 3 an d player to backup zach. Sato an white probably will play pg unless they draft a guard or trade for a guard. I can see them maybe making a run at jeff teague or goran dragic for a vet guard like they been looking for. Don't mind valentine bad defense but man can light it up from 3. Very good passer just boylan didn't use him for a team that wanted to shoot 3s he sits one of his best shooters.

  9. Dunn & Harrison are similar players who could play excellent defense only. Idk why Bulls are removing this type of players in the roster?
    Bucks going all out to keep giannis. I believe balance of power is leaning towards east especially if harden to Nets will be successful.

  10. Bulls should use Valentine as a playmaker he can do that, he is a good passer & has decent outside shooting. Valentine can be an effective playmaker.
    This years free agency will be short and I hope bulls could pick players that will complement the team. They might discover somebody from the undrafted players in this year's draft.

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