Evaluating The Chicago Bulls 2021 Roster

Pat The Designer looks At The Chicago Bulls 2021 Roster & Gives His opinion on the Talent Level & How Far He Believes They Can Go …



  1. like the show but Coby white did not get a start in those three games that he put up 100 points he came off the bench and he came off the bench late in the first quarter with a few minutes left would like to see what he have done if he starts

  2. Nice work. I'm concerned about the bench though. No real scorer in the second unit and poor defenders. Patrick Williams will help, but Donovan probably has an 8 or 9 man rotation to compete in the East which will be tough this season.

  3. Felicio is soooo traaassshhh I really dont understand why hes still on the team? I feel like the bulls keep him on jus so he ain't jobless but I'm not sure if were that noble so why the fuck is he there!??

  4. I'd love to see this Starting Lineup going into the new season:
    PG White/Arcidiacono
    SG LaVine
    SF Williams/Hutchison
    PF Markkenen
    C Gafford.

    I know most will disagree with me which is fine, but for me, thats a high energy lineup starting the season that we need to get up and running! I personally love Arcidiacono at the PG and I think he is so damn promising with high energy, high IQ and solid play making running the point!
    LaVine is a no brainer at the 2, stupidly athletic, a nice shooter and can create for himself and others.
    Williams coming out of College…man that guy should have been a starter!!! Hes a freak athletically and he defense is just what we need from the off! He can score and assist with the best of them and he will be a star in the league in years to come!

  5. Solid takes, I like everything that you brought to the table with the bench this year. I think the Bulls take a big step in that area it could be sweet if we have solid minutes around the clock

  6. Man I'm so tired of the disprespect Lavine gets from BULLS fans. I get that he isn't Gary Payton on defense but people act like he hasn't improved defensively each season and now he's at worst average at guarding the ball handler, still has a few issues defending off ball but it's really overblown. People say Jamal Murray is next up cuz the season he just had but Zach has better stats than Murray and percentages too! Zach doesn't have a 25+ppg triple double guy like Jokic to take all of the defensive attention either. Hope Zach Lavine doesn't get traded and stays with the Bulls after his current contract is up

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