Evaluating The Chicago Bulls Young Lineup

Pat The Designer Evaluates The Chicago Bulls Lineup From 2020 & Looks at which Players the Bulls should Move Forward with & WHich players they should …



  1. Shaq Harrison AIN'T 6'7" bruh!! Lol! Basketball Reference has him listed wrong. Lol! They interviewed him and they talked about that last season. He actually laughed about it and said he didnt know where that came from? He's actually listed at 6'4" but to be honest he's a LEGIT 6'3". They also listed Kris Dunn at 6'4" PG coming out of college but the same goes for HIM! He's only 6'3". But no! No disrespect….Just wanted to RESPECTFULLY correct you on that assertion that Harrison was 6'7". He's not! Chandler Hutchison is a 6'7" SF and if you see them standing side by side Hutchison dwarfs Harrison. Shaquille Harrison is just a 6'3" combo guard who is a DOG on defense much like Kris Dunn. I'd like to see them throw a package out there of Dunn, Harrison, Wendell at the 4, Big Dan at the 5, and put a scorer like Lavine out there with them for 5-6 minute stretches per half and LEGIT LOCK TEAMS DOOOWN!!!!!

    But to my initial point:



    (Go down a few paragraphs on that last link and in this article and it shows that he is 6-4/190. This is when he first entered the league on a 10 day with Phoenix…

    Peace & Blessings Bruh

  2. The Bulls have some very good young players. Problem is that there are other teams with better young players and teams with much better veteran players.

  3. Otto, Luke, Sato, Felicio, Kornet have to go IMO. Everyone else can stay..idk about Denzel simply because he hasn’t been healthy to give an impression so I’ll give him another year..I feel like if he’s put on a different team, he’ll blossom. Kris Dunn HAS to be on this team in order for us to be a great team.

  4. A lot of players need to go. And I honestly don't think it's good look having both Lauri & Zach in the starting lineup. Would prefer Lauri being a 6th man and bringing in a more versatile and athletic 4 in free agency like Jerami Grant or Christian Wood. Also need an athletic 3&D player at SF too

  5. Keep:



  6. I agree with every comment in the video. I won't blame some of the players for their short falls because that damn coach doesn't know how to make the best use of some of their talents. Just really bad player rotation and it's like he just doesn't know what he has in his bench. My give would be White, Zach, rookie Deni if they get him. Carter at power and big Dan center. Harrison off the bench with Thad. Trade Lori, Denzel, Otto, Chris, Arch and those other two buster Centers for a draft picks and role players.

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