Everything You NEED To Know About Chicago Bulls VP Arturas Karnisovas! | Chicago Bulls News!

Everything You NEED To Know About Chicago Bulls VP Arturas Karnisovas! | Chicago Bulls News!



  1. Love hiring Arturo! Will he bring some Nuggets? Porter Jr? Would Al Horford
    for porter? Or gobert? DRose or Chris Paul? Michael Finley needs to be next!

  2. he did not cary that lithuanian team to bronze in 92. sabonis and marciulionis did. he was 20 at that time and solid role player on that team.

  3. In his prime Karnisovas was better player than Gordon Hayward, Joe Harris, Nemanja Bjelica, Marco Bellinelli.He would be in todays game better version of Ingles/Batum type of player.

  4. Karnisovas (11.2 ppg) did not carry Lithuania to bronze medal in 1992 Olympics. Sabonis (23.9 ppg), Marciulionis (23.4) and Kurtinaitis (16.1) were 3 most important players on that Olympic bronze winning Lithuanian team back then. They were 3 key players of Gold winning Soviet Union team in 1988 Olympics, too.

    Karnisovas was (probably still is) legit 6'9, not 6'8.

    Karnisovas is all-time Lithuanian National Team top scorer. Lithuania is a historical European basketball powerhouse with Hall of Famers like Arvydas Sabonis, Marciulionis, NBA all-stars Ilgauskas, Domantas Sabonis.
    Btw, the captain of the first ever American Olympic gold winning national team was Lithuanian-American Frank Lubin (Pranas Lubinas in Lithuanian). He played for both American and Lithuanian national teams. Lubinas won two European gold medals in 1937 and 1939, as well.

  5. Karnisovas was not just some random European basketball player as you try to say in this video. He was one of a few European club basketball superstars in the 90's. Arguably the best European player of the 90's to never play in the NBA.

    Karnisovas lost Euroleague final (66-67) to Panathinaikos (lead by former NBA superstar Dominique Wilkins) in 1996 because of a controversially missed last second call. Refs did not want to see an obvious goaltending by Vrankovic. Karnisovas lead Barcelona in points (23), rebounds (8) and assists (6) in that final. Panathinaikos' Dominique Wilkins had 16 points and 10 rebounds and was named the MVP of that game.

    Boxscore of the game: http://www.fibaeurope.com/cid_KNce8jInH7Qj1EsyH5rjn2.gameID_1384-F4-A-1.compID_,Uz02qBnJiADOq5VntEf53.season_1996.roundID_2567.teamID_.html

  6. It make so much sense to see the bulls build a young core while the lakers win a chip or two with lebron and ad… then ad comes home and gets us a title and puts over the jump the same way lebron did in cleveland

  7. I'm so glad our bulls team are finally making some changes πŸ™Œ I want our team to be the best of the best again ✌️

  8. As to his sports career resume it might be worth adding that Karnisovas is a Lithuanian, basetball is a national sport in Lithuania – no other is more popuplar. One of rare cases in European countries where soccer is NOT the number one sport. He also has several national team championships under his belt as a player in strong European leagues.

  9. Hey man the other week you were all fucked up about not having any NBA content and look what happened πŸ€”

  10. I’m excited to see that we have begun to move in the right direction..hey maybe Davis to Chicago isn’t as ridiculous of an idea as it once was

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