1. For those dumbasses saying oh the video says a minute and it's ten minutes remember that there was time outs, fouls and replays 🤦🏽‍♂️🙌🏼

  2. if lebron had the same team member like rose , id bet my shit he wont win against d rose every single day. good thing lebron know how to build a strong team 😂😂😂 just like this miami , cleveland and the upcoming kyrie goin to lakers

  3. The look Wade and Bron gave each other towards the end lol. They never thought they had to go through this much struggle to take out the Bulls.

  4. One of the most heart breaking lost …i mean thats the prime of Drose and he can bring the bulls in Nba Finals again…But he dont have the best teamates in this years and the Heat have the big 3…the most heartbreaking part is Drose choke on the free throw and that last floater…richard hamilton was open in the left corner…

  5. Crazy that LeBron, Wade, Rose, and Korver all ended up playing with each other in Cleveland a couple years later.

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