1. Props to Stephanie for having this long career in basketball. She went to my sister high school. she was 3 years ahead of me, but she was a beast in high school.

  2. Should say "Sports Season 2021" not "NBA Season 2021".. Cant confuse a person that played in the league with one that didn't in the title and have NBA in your name.. AND your havent even edited the title or done a repost 9 days later.. meh…you even had the Stephen A pic up.. common bruh…

  3. The BULLS need to TRADE for James Harden. Now imagine a team with Coby White, Zach Levine, Patrick Williams, James Harden, and Otto Porter Jr on it. They can TRADE Markannen, Wendell Carter Jr, and a couple of first round draft picks, and that will get that trade done. Now, if you asking how this will work. Well Harden will be your starting squads point guard, and Coby White will be your second squads point guard. Harden will be back with his original coach in Billy Donovan, and everyone will live happily ever after. So, for you Houston Rocket executives, you will get two young studs in Markannen, and Carter Jr, that you can groom, and start over with alongside John Wall, and Boogie Cousins, so hopefully you are reading this, because this is going to be the only good deal that you are going to get for James Harden that makes any sense.

  4. It will take time for Donovan to shape these players and most of these players wont be here long term once the front office knows who fits and who doesn't. I think thats why very few moves were done. Front office wants to see what was the player and what was Boylen.

  5. He is doing a great job! Cobby and Zack! Patrick Willaims is like a taller than Dr J but plays a lot like him but he does not take it too a team like Doc! He shoots like Doc and slams like him!

  6. I'm slightly confused about this concept of "sharing," the ball! (Not really!) In a sophisticated NBA offense, shouldn't sharing the ball be part of your offense? You mean to tell me that there are players dribbling down the court, while not even looking at their team mates, and jacking up shots?? The sad thing about it is the NBA now looks like a "pick up game," at your local community center! There are 5 "independent contractors," on the floor playing for their next contract! That is a very bad combination!

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