Front office kept Michael Jordan, Bulls from winning more titles – Scottie Pippen | The Jump

Near the 20th anniversary of Michael Jordan announcing his second retirement, Scottie Pippen talks to Rachel Nichols and Amin Elhassan of The Jump about …



  1. At the end of the Last Dance was your answer. It was Phil who denied Jerry R s offer to override Jerry Krause for a 7th title, saying he needed a break. And w that Jordan and the Bulls were dismantled.

  2. JERRY KRAUSE IS A ARROGANT IDIOT ! The Bulls would have won TWO more Titles at least. The following year was short & J KRAUSE had PLENTY of CAP space.

  3. Crazy, but many parties r responsible. Blame reinsdorf for not getting involved when the situation b/t Phil and Krause got worst. Krause for being a crazy egomania, not letting pippen have mini trophy is nut, trying to undercut Phil with Floyd might be evil but backfired. Blame Krause for being cheap toward Phil and pippen!
    Yes Krause is a good gm, but did u win any thing after mj? Nope!
    Blame Phil for the beef b/t gm and players!

  4. How convenient: a dead man who can’t speak to defend himself that was bullied relentlessly by MJ and Pippen is blamed for everything, even though he was the architect of the success not only by bringing Pippen, Grant and Jackson but by being instrumental in establishing the triangle offense. Whoever can’t admit this is a pathetic MJ-worshipper and ultimately a part of this bullying behavior.

  5. This squad never went up against any true competition 🤣🤣 reggie Miller only star on his team. Or the knicks ewing 🤣🤣🤣 .. and they say lbj always had a cake walk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. I dont think jordan shouldve retired just bcuz krause let phil go. Couldve played two more szns with the bulls and then hang it up.

  7. What really happen the MJ and Scottie Dennis, and Ron Harper, Kerr, was changing the game on the fact that they can demand more money and the bulls couldn’t pay. Plus to add Phil no way the money wasn’t there.

  8. The Bulls Front office were pretty stupid to not go for 4 in a row with a shorten season. MJ Pippen Dennis were good at least for one more season. Pippen obviously showed it in 1999 and 2000. MJ showed his greatness during the Wizard years by not joining a contender.

  9. A legendary team being ran and ruined by crooked motherfuckers. Sadly, we can only dwell in the past, reminiscing their glorious days. 😩

  10. They don’t win in 99 against the spurs or 00 and those back to back against lakers ? Bulls were over 30 no way they still win.

  11. If the 'owners' dismantle a team that just won 3 in a row and would have most likely won again, and the point of professional sports is to win Championships and put the best team together to do so, what does that say? This was a major shift in the purity of sporting pursuits and left many kids scratching their heads, including me. Basketball has never been the same.

  12. He pushed off! Don’t say we were all saying that because we weren’t. Rachel said it because she wanted to criticize the victory. She makes me SICK 🖕

  13. Business as usual the Bulls front office saw the financial upside. Bulls season tickets and regular tickets were sold out til like 2003. They didn't want to pay so they could maximize their profit margins after paying Mj so mich his last 3 seasons, 35, 40 and 45 million respectively

  14. And here I thought Scottie was one of the reasons. Didnt his ugly big nosed ass sign a contract in the early 90s and tried to get a bigger one when he realized contracts were soaring and his brainless ass couldnt get a better deal until his contract was up????

  15. 91
    94 (ring if mj didnt retire)
    95 (ring if my played the whole season)
    99 (100% would have made the finals)
    00 (100% finals appearance)

    Jordan still dropped 20ppg in 02-03
    Pippen was still effective
    Rodman was still effective

    Thats 10 potential championships damn

  16. If Michael and Scottie was going for the 99 season vs. the Spurs….. I would think they would have a Case to win it all. But they would be too old against the 2000 Shaq and Kobe Lakers.

  17. People always blame Kraus amd the front office, but it WAS the front office that put those teams together. Extremely deep and talented teams under a hard cap. At some point a team has to rebuild, that is just the reality of it. Pippen and Rodman were both washed and even Jordan's production was starting to slow over the grind of an 82 game season PLUS the playoffs. The idea that they would've just kept winning at their age and millage is a bit rediculous. The Bulls drafted some quality players after the dynasty. Elton Brand and Ron Artest were great picks, they just ended up trading them away because the fans were being impatient. Jay Williams was tremendous, he just happened to have a career ending injury. Certainly not the fault of the front office. They put together a quality team through the draft with Deng, Noah amd Rose, plus adding Boozer. All great moves. Again, was it the fault of the front office that Rose destroyed his knee on a routine play? Gordon and Hinrich were also very good picks. At some point Jordan amd Pippen were going to retire, Jordan should've stayed retired and Pippen was a shell of himself in Portland. The front office had some very good moves after the dynasty, the only problem is the Jordan worshipers only remember the bad one's.

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