Grading The Chicago Bulls 2019 NBA Draft Picks | Coby White & Daniel Gafford

Grading The Chicago Bulls 2019 NBA Draft Picks | Coby White & Daniel Gafford


  1. Weird situation. Then: Trailblazers passed on North Carolina's Michael Jordan then the Bulls picked him. Now: Suns then T-Wolves had the pick before Bulls and passed. Bulls drafted North Carolina's Coby White. MJ in a class by himself but Coby White is off to a fantastic start.

  2. Both Coby and Gafford look like steals. Coby wants to play point and run the team. He knows what he needs to work on. Very mature, for one so young.
    Gafford looks amazing. Looking at his highlights, I don't see how he dropped to second round. Bulls got very lucky. I am sure he has weaknesses, but he seems like a hard worker who can be coached.
    In today's fast NBA, I wonder if Gafford might be a better fit than Wendell Carter Jr.??
    Gafford seems faster and more mobile than Carter. If (when?) he develops his outside shot, he could be something special.
    I like how both Coby and Gafford really enjoy the game, love being on the floor, and see success coming from team play. (Not sure LaVine fully gets that.)
    I hope this draft ranks up there with 1987, when the Bulls got Scottie Pippen AND Horace Grant.

  3. Niggas talking about we should've drafted Bol Bol…do y'all forget that the game becomes faster when you're in the playoffs especially in the finals.

    Bol Bols body simply not gonna last.

  4. Daniel Garrford is nice Lauri and Wendell Carter better watch out! Yes Felicio is pretty much gone! The way the draft went one source said they should look for veteran help, I would say bring back Lopez, but he might want to go to a team he feels ready to win now! Go Bulls!

  5. I like both picks, but I'm curious as to something.  I heard that Coby isn't as strong in the pick and roll, but I read that Gafford does well there.  So I'm wondering, how will that work out?

  6. drafting coby was probably the best option because trading up for garland would've forced us to give up too much. I'm happy he fell and now they can mold him into a good point guard and not just a combo guard. gotta go out and sign some vets like pat bev, mirotic, or markus morris now as backups. Also like the idea of gafford very much. He offers a lot on the inside playing solid defense and very capable in the pick and roll off the bench

  7. I give them an A because we need white really bad also gabford is a good scorer and rebounder and blocker it's just I feel like all he can do an the offensive side is dunk and we need a versitile center who can be like a Joel embiid one player we could have got was falesio i think i spelt it wrong but u know what i mean

  8. I'm giving it a B , but could be revisited in a few years , but If Garland ends up a all star talent , and white ends up with a 6th man ceiling, then I would always remember that Garland was pretty much there for the taking, teams ahead of us were willing to deal, and we didn't make the moves to get the better potential in the draft. If we didn't want to part with lavine or Carter jr to move up, we could have worked to get other assets, or put up a future pick protected.

    Now with that said, every year a player emerges that we look back on and say how did so many teams pass on him and white checks all those boxes. He is the fastest in this draft, he is every bit the scorer even Zion or morant are, he plays with a lot of fire and comes up big in clutch moments. His game is a lot like trae young and he has a shot from outside with a quick release.

    His game might clash with lavine, which is why he might come off better as a 6th man, green light and go. But he is a playmaker who could learn to facilitate. I expect him to be more of a steph curry type of pg than a cp3 kind of pg.

  9. Coby A
    Gafford B+
    overall A-
    We needed a pg and a back up pf and we got 2 nice players at both. I know ppl want gafford to play C but why? You can bring back robin who's a decent center and has been stable for the locker room. Why get rid of robin coming off playing some of his best basket ball for a unproven rookie? These type of moves are what keep bad teams bad. You will only have 1 veteran player and a bunch of 23 year olds and people will be claiming that's a playoff team then be shocked when we are at the bottom of the league again. All you need not is 3 more moves. Get rose or beverly at pg. Resign robin. And then find a vet wing if you can.

    Playing roster should look like:
    PG – coby/rose or beverly/ dunn
    SG – zach/hutchison or sheldon jr/ archie or shaq
    SF – otto/ Hutchison or FA/ sheldon jr
    PF – lauri/ gafford
    C – wendell/lopez/falico

  10. I know people wanted Bol Bol but he slipped to 44. NBA teams know more information about him than us. Plus Gafford averaged 17 9 and 2 blocks in only 28 minutes a game

  11. We are talking about a big man that's on the basketball court like Kevin Durant and playing the 5 position I think Denver nuggets have drafted a steel and they are going to be much better next season they going to give a lot of teams a run for that money a lot of teams will be very afraid to face them I wish we would have drafted this big man instead of the one we have we would have drafted another All-Star type Hall of Fame player once again we have the wrong people and upper management point proven case closed

  12. I did not like the second selection bol bol was a better selection for the Bulls if they was going big man I think they shot themselves in the foot on their next selection first round I give it A far as grading the last guard redraft from North Carolina with 35 years ago and he went by the name of Michael Jordan that was not bad I still think they could have done something to move up in the draft to get maybe RJ Barrett or ja Morant or maybe Darius Garland

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