1. no one will ever know what really happened you don't retire after winning 3 championships. fathers death who knows… Tom brady decide to play for Redsox minor league  on the top of his game I dnt think so..

  2. MJ was at a level of basketball athleticism, fundamentals, competitiveness and drive that may never be seen again. Combined with his ability to palm the ball at his size and he is probably the ideal basketball player in terms of physicality. A lot of what made MJ was his brother who played him and made him beat him 1v1 everyday as kids (though MJ rarely won) and he may very well have been the catalyst for what made MJ great with that spartan like training. I never saw Wilt or Russel play but I still haven't seen a player as dominant as MJ in basketball and the only 2 humans who eclipse him are Ali and Gretzky
    in all of sports.

  3. Too bad we'll never get to that level ever again because the Bulls are a garbage organization run by a bunch scumbags. It was that way in the 90's too but the greatness of Michael Jordan helped overcome that fact. All the Bulls have ever done under Reinsdorf is alienate the players, coaches and fans. They tossed around pennies like manhole covers when it came to Jordan, Pippen and Phil but nowadays they're so desperate to get anyone that they gave a washed up star like D-Wade 40 million for 60 games. No top free agents or coaches will ever come here. They'll find decent players in the draft but they'll only do well once they leave the Bulls, when they play for real teams. Look at all the former Bulls in the playoffs this year for example.

  4. I watched all this as a kid, it was truly a privilege to get to witness MJ at his prime, he was Superman, Batman and Captain America to me all in one. The squad was so tight too, I loved me some Pippen and BJ Armstrong. Go Bulls! Rose should have got a ring in a Bulls uniform, needed to take better care of his body. Rodman came in at the perfect time.

  5. I like how the emphasis is on the TEAM and on MENTALITY, which today's generation don't value as much as athleticism. It's good that this video included the fact that the bench really won game 6 of the 92 Finals, that Horace Grant made a key block after Paxson's shot in 93, how Kukoc and Rodman strengthened the team, how Phil Jackson implemented his philosophy and how everyone involved played their part. This Chicago team was built on chemistry and they had the GOAT there in case the day needed saving.

  6. Miss these days so much the greatest team in the history of the NBA & the three masters my IDOL Michael Jordan, Scottie and Dennis I remember how I used to watch them all the time I’m sending you lots of love from 🇧🇭 I’ll always remain a die hard Chicago bulls fan !

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