1. This is what I'm talking about,such GREAT defense played in the 90s by jordan & Horace LMAO!! That's why Jordan won 6 rings in this pathetic,weak 90s decade of basketball. For we all know that Jordan didn't win NOTHING in the 80s when REAL teams existed & played Strong Aggressive defense. Jordan cried foul when the bad boy pistons knocked his ass down!! Waaaaa waaaaa that's My view & opinion.

  2. Jordan is an asshole that gambled on the game and got a two year secret suspension for it. Uh I just 3-peated so now I want to spend more time with my family and by doing that I mean spend 95% of my time away from my family keeping in shape with the White Sox AAA team till my two year suspension is over. If anyone believes he wasn’t suspended you’re dumb as a brick. He also lied saying he always wanted to play baseball when questioned why he’s doing so. He never ever once said he loved baseball before having to do so to keep in shape for his return. It would’ve looked way to obvious if he chose to play Basketball. The dumber people would’ve caught on to that.😄 Baseball was chosen for the simple reason that it is a sport that he has a slim chance of getting hurt.

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