1. Brad Sellers who hugged Michael Jordan after Michael made the winning shot in the last game against Cleveland in 1989 playoffs is from Cleveland. Brad is from a suburb called Warrensville heights. He used to be married to Kym Sellers who's a radio DJ for 93 FM WZAK in Cleveland. I love Lenny Wilkens who was Cleveland's coach. I also love Gerald Wilkins who used to play for Cleveland in 1993. Michael Jordan made the winning shot on Gerald in the last game in 1993 playoffs LOL. Gerald's brother is NBA basketball legend Dominique Wilkins of Atlanta Hawks. I love Dominique. He's my 2nd favorite NBA basketball player behind Michael Jordan. Dominique is a Hawks broadcaster. I don't know what Gerald is doing. Gerald has a son named Damien who's playing in the NBA. I think Damien plays for Atlanta. He used to play with Seattle.

  2. Nice documentary about Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavs rivalry in the 1980's. I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. I'm a Cavs fan. I was mad that Michael Jordan made winning shots on the Cavs in the playoffs in 1989 and 1993 in the last games hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love Cleveland's players in the 1980's like Brad Daugherty, Larry Nance, Mark Price, Ron Harper and John Williams(RIP). Brad and Michael went to the same college in North Carolina. Brad and Michael are from North Carolina. It's messed up Brad had a short NBA basketball career because of a back injury. I think Brad was drafted in 1985 and he retired in 1993. Cleveland should've never traded Ron Harper, John Williams and Mark Price. If Cleveland would've kept them, it's possible Cleveland could've gotten a couple of championships.

  3. I fucken hated the Cavs SO MUCH back then, but damn they were a good team. Daugherty, Price, Nance, Ehlo, Hot Rod… I LOVED the Bulls-Cavs battles.

  4. The description is wrong this was the eastern conference semifinal in 1989 the bulls played the pistons in the conference finals

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