How Dysfunctional Are The Chicago Bulls?

The Bulls are BAD. Rick Strom and Robert Littal break it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below! Help build the Home of the Progressives …



  1. Jerry Reinsdork is now what 85? Clearly he's too old to make any sound decision and he's just letting John Paxon do whatever he wants with the franchise. If and when his children take over the franchise the first thing they should do is fire John Paxon.

  2. When you lose by 50. As a player you should want to come in on your day off and any other opportunity That you can get to practice. Because it's not all the coaches fault that you get your ass handed to you by 50.

  3. Hold on…YOU LIKE REINSDORF?!? Your whole argument is now dead. He's the owner and he let's this all this happen without firing anyone. How can you hate all this and like the guy running it?

  4. We should get something going where we spread the word not to go to any games until Gar Forman AND John Paxon are BOTH fired! Not one, but BOTH!!!

  5. This is karma, I'm old enough to remember the owner pushing Phil Jackson out the door which caused Michael Jordan to retire prematurely

  6. Doug Collins is brought there, still don't know his purpose or presence of any kind of contribution to this franchise yet. Remains unknown.

    Randy Brown (the snitch) has resigned, but Pete Myers (interim snitch) still present and a shitty assistant employed.

    No accountability anywhere for anyone. Toxic culture all-round.

    There's also a reason Spurs let Jim Boylen go to the Bulls, and why he's never been a head coach. Of course he'll get an opportunity on the lowly Bulls. Doesn't take much, while still paying off Hoiberg last 2 years ($5mill each) contract.

    Disgraceful franchise top to bottom all-time.

  7. Blackhawks ownership changed culture hired competent staff and front office. Got 3 titles.

    Cubs got new owner and broke 100 year curse with a World Series and still postseason contenders.

    Bears McCaskey's grandson trying to really change their culture and got an elite HC. Now in playoff contention after one full off-season of changes.

    Bulls can do better than this bullshit.

  8. Gar Forman wife best friends with Michael Reinsdorf wife. That's why he's easily safe, and not going away.

    John Paxson is Jerry Reinsdorf top guy. Stepped down as GM, but he brought him back as the president.

    They value likability, friendship, and favoritism over professionalism, quality qualifications, credentials and winning culture.

  9. The goddamn Reindorf's never cared about winning since #23 hung it up. Fans need to stop coming to the games if they actually want major change, because as long as they show up, GarPax still employed. They're the untouchables. Start the #FireGarPax campaign again.

  10. this Bulls team is a disgrace a complete joke no leadership no direction this bulls team is beyond repair the way they are going it will take several years for them just to make the playoffs everyone on this team and organization should be ashamed of themselves. they all suck

  11. They tried to kill everybody over there. Rose, Deng, Noah, they let go of Ben Gordon. They fucked up with almost all they draft picks besides Rose & Jimmy Butler was trash. They finally get thi

  12. They need to get rid of the entire coaching staff and the front office…fire the training staff also. Who can't tell when someone has the flu and they're medical professionals?

  13. I'm a bulls fan and I can't put this on their coach now garpaxs is more the problem get rid of them and the players: zack,parker and whoever else that thinks defense isn't what they're paid for

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