How Fred Hoiberg Will Fit As Coach Of The Chicago Bulls

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  1. Hey Coach, can you do another breakdown of the Chicago Bulls, I really think they are the most underrated team in the league. I don't know why and I'd like to see a current analysis. Also how come they don't run any sets for Taj Gibson he really doesn't get any touches????

  2. Trade Derrick Rose? No. The Bulls were adjusting to Tom's defensive method. I doubt the new coach is gonna be less offensive. I hope DRose becomes the Kobe Bryant of the Bulls. Side note, I'm gonna miss Tom Thibadeau.

  3. You good at what you do, but you is a ass to think they will let d rose go! Am praying for the best this year, it will work out.

  4. You cannot trade Derrick Rose. He is special as a player and for what he has overcome. You better believe me when I tell you he's going to be a champion in the Hall of Fame one day. Too big, too strong, too fast, TOO GOOD!!

  5. Coach Nick makes the assumption that Rose and Noah got injured because of playing too many minutes this season. Meanwhile, in reality, not only were they both on minute restrictions this season, but Noah came into the season recovering from knee surgery, and surgeons had informed Rose and the Bulls organization that some of the stitches utilized for his previously torn meniscus would likely have to be removed in the future (10 minute "snip" surgery, walked in and out of the hospital). Yes, Thibs is gone, but he was undermined by a FO and organization which has a long history of undermining both coaches and players.

  6. BBall can you do 5 videos on the role of each position. For example the different type of PG's role in the NBA and ways of maximising each positions usage. That would be awesome

  7. Omfg bulls fanz were going to b just f$$king fine the D is still there thanx to thibs being there we get just a lil more consistent offense we will b in the finals next yr rose is just fine so once again f$$k all u bull haters and f $$k all u rose haters bulls nation is strong

  8. The offense should improve and the defense can't get much worse. Injuries should decline as I don't expect any player to average over 32 mpg. No more organizational distractions and less micro managing should improve player moral.

    What I'll miss with thibs was his ability to get the absolute most from his players. Awards -Coach of the year, MVP, dpoy, runner up most improved, most improved, and creating all stars and cheap productive point guards.

    Ultimately the bulls weren't going to beat Lebron with thibs and if we don't improve then it's time to do what bears just did and clean house in front office

  9. Coach how can I effectively use handchecking ? Is it something I can do in street ball or is it a foul even then? I can't really find tips on this.

  10. despite his accomplishments, i doubt you'd get value for Rose, considering that he'll be one of the highest salary players the next couple years. i believe he'll have a monster comeback year next season, barring injury, of course. the Bulls have a talented roster, but right now Rose, Noah and Gibson are all overpaid for what they give you. Rose's lost that elite athleticism and has not become a better shooter, Gibson's offense still isn't consistent and he is a bit small to handle guys like Tristan Thomson, Andre Drummond, Kenneth Faried on the boards, and Noah's legs are unlikely to get better with age. Thibs has disappointed in the playoffs, but Im not sure Hoiberg is going to get any more outnof this roster

  11. Bruh showed all these plays where derrick rose will thrive
    then said trade him>>>then he said tony parker could get it but maybe derrick rose cant lmaoooooooooooo DERRICK ROSE vs TONY PARKER are u seriously doubting the GAME of derrick rose? if thibs was running a terrible offense and rose still thrived how u think he gonna do in this offense? Not mention derrick rose is becoming one of the best PG defenders in the league. in what is becoming a pg dominated league.
    bruh u hit the crack pipe on that one 
    rose showed even one year out of 2 major surgeries that he is still at elite form imagine next year when his stride will be back lmaooooooo

    BBALLBREAKDOWN needs to trade you

  12. I like that you said Drose probably won't fit that well into this type of system but that Tony Parker did but it took some time. I'm ok with waiting since I think Drose can still be a bigger, stronger, faster Version of Tony Parker witch would be Sweeet, Jimmy Buckets and Miroswish are going to kill teams in this offense, Pau either HTFU and play the Timmy Duncan role or he will be traded, I think trading some players and assists for Lamarcus Aldridge would be a dream trade for the Bulls.

  13. Rose is done.  He's in the top 20 in 3p attempts but not even in the top 50 for 3pts made. Only guy in the top 50 that is below 30%. His free throw attempts are way down too.  Half of what pre-injury Rose was averaging.  

    Those statistics say less about his putrid shooting than it does about his confidence.  He's scared and doesn't have confidence in his body to take the beating of driving into the paint anymore.  Trade him while you can still get something for him.

    You can get anyone to jack up bad 3s and pull up for 15 foot floaters instead of finishing at the rim. Trade him for Kemba Walker and you lose nothing.

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