I'm Worried About The Chicago Bulls

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  1. "The Bulls were a playoff team last year"

    No, No they weren't. The Nets, Magic, and Wizards were all better at being mediocre than the Bulls coming into the season.

  2. I know have faith in Wendell Carter Jr. I don't as of now. He's a big man who has obvious physical gifts, but he plays passive. He doesn't play with force. He doesn't look at the rim most of the time. I DO NOT think he's the Bulls best young prospect. Carter has drawn comparison to Al Horford and you even stated a less athletic/better shooting Bam Adebayo. I'm just HOPING he becomes a better passing Derrick Favors. And that would be fine as Favors (when a starter in Utah) posted 14-16ppg, 8rpg, 1.5bpg while converting roughly 53% from the floor. I know it's early and Carter Jr is young, but I have doubts about him ever putting it all together.

  3. Yeah. Patrick Williams is a combination forward. But he definitely is perimeter oriented. He puts it on the floor, shoots off the dribble and sees the floor well enough to be a secondary playmaker from the 3 spot.

  4. All of the great bulls players and you choose to frame and hang a Markkanen jersey lol what did they run out of Bill Wennington jerseys or something?

  5. Always nice to come here whenever I'm feeling dwon on myself. I have a lot of trouble with alcohol, so it's always nice to come to this channel and find someone relatively successful on YouTube who's opinions are clearly fueled by them smoking crack. Inspirational my dude.

  6. Not sure where you keep getting Patrick Williams is undoubtedly a 4 lol. He can play it, but he’s without a doubt a 3 with the potential to be a big 2. He’s a cut & dry 3 right now. As the league evolves and beefs up, sure, he can start at the 4, but while they have Lauri, Patrick is a 3.

    Also, even I /did/ like Wendell, he’s slowly becoming overrated without even showing an reasons to be. So far, he’s an above average defender. Mediocre finisher and not a great shooter, mainly from 3, although HE LOVES pulling FAR too many 3s currently. He’s looked awful in pre-season so far.

  7. As a Celtics fan, I would do ALOT of unforgivable things to have Wendell Carter Jr on my team. Maybe I am being a lil ridiculous but if everyone is healthy I wouldn’t be surprised if the bulls were in the play in tournament

  8. I said the Bulls should have tried to trade Zack LaVine for Kuzma, Danny Green and Horton-Tucker, during the offseason. Too late they will never get that offer again! Sad to be a Bulls fan, knowing they will most likely lose Zack for nothing or worse yet, over pay him to basically be a lottery pick team. Good luck with that!

  9. As a fellow Bulls fan, I hear no lies. I still had hope for Lauri until last night's game. I think he will get better, but long-term, it would be best to move on from him. I think Lavine is gonna ball out this season though.

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