In DEFENSE Of The Chicago Bulls Front Office!

took me 40 minutes to record this 15 minute video, because I had to stop and cough for 20 minutes… Check out the rose documentary- …



  1. 1, this was all recorded before the hawks game, which was nuts. And 2, idk why the camera keeps going out of focus.

    Tell me what you think of the set, like the video, and sub if your new.

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  2. Doug Colin’s has taken over Gars basketball related decisions. Doug and Pax have been doing some good things since they started working together.

  3. I think the past draft shows that something has changed in the front office and I think Gar Forman is more of a figurehead and nothing more. Gar always came off as incompetent.

  4. Jimmy butler trade =ass lavine stay injure and kris Dunn is below average everyone they pick up is ass if you on a ass team you going get 5 10 points .
    Carter is pretty good
    Parker is always injure
    Otto is not worth that much money
    Felicio got pay millions for 10 min a game
    Bobby Portis is going to be a better player than Otto porter

    Your argument have no hold. Fire garpax

  5. I really believe it's Doug Collins advice towards front office. He probably opened Pax eyes. Doug Collins has always been a man who can come in and turn an organization around quickly.

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