1. This was a historic game. Probably the 1st time ever a player was double teamed every offensive set 45' from the basket. People other than the MVP don't get that kinda respect from a championship team. When will the media catch on? Never. Haters gonna hate.

  2. I’m not gonna lie Russ isn’t doin nothing for us barely is all he does is just make out pace faster he needs at least close to 30 every night harden gonna get 30 Clint needs to step up this team is really deadly if all their players can play consistent but they fail to do that last time they did that was cp3 first year 65-17

  3. James Harden is the MVP hands down don't give a fuck what anybody say. I've never seen a player get doubled the ENTIRE GAME from the halfcourt line. All the LBJ bullshit is all bullshit, he don't get half the attention that Harden receives from teams. They didn't care about winning they just didn't want to get 50 or 60 put up on them.

  4. harden will play in the league for 10 more years simply due to having probably the highest basketball iq in the league next to lebron.. i have never seen a guard defended by 2 guys that high from the floor before. I thought 2016 curry was most gravity i had seen follow an nba player.. this is nuts

  5. By far the most efficient game he played all season, needs to play like this & my God! Westbrook inefficiency makes me feel uncomfortable as a Rockets’ supporter… do better Westbrick jk.

  6. This is the type of basketball I like to see from Harden. I hate seeing 15 free throw games, and in this game, he played great defense and shot efficiently. If he could play like this most of the time, I’d become a fan

  7. He scored 23, but this is one of Harden’s better games this season if we go by the eye test. Harden got everybody involved, played good defense, and got buckets to stop the Raptors run at certain points of the 2nd half. Bronsexuals look at the box score and determine who played well.

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