James Harden BEST Rockets Highlights from 2019-20 NBA Season! CRAZY Step Back Plays! (Part 1)

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  1. Taken from an article from SB Nation about Harden's insane numbers. Enjoy.

    "Harden’s peak is better than Bryant ever was, but most of you aren’t ready for that discussion yet. So let’s just pick apart Bryant’s best season, which was the second-highest scoring one of the last two decades, aside from Harden’s season last year.

    In 2006, Bryant averaged 35.4 points per game, which is extremely good. His points came on 27 shots per game of which he made 45 percent. He took nearly seven threes and made 35 percent of those, and made 85 percent of his 10 free throws. He also had five assists, five rebounds and two steals.
    Through 19 games, Harden is averaging 38.9 points per game on 24 shots. That’s three fewer attempts! He’s also shooting 45 percent from the field, and 35 percent from three, but taking 14 free throws and making 87 percent of those. Harden’s also averaging eights assists, six rebounds and two steals.
    For the more intricate numbers followers, Harden’s assist percentage is 14 percent higher than Bryant’s was, his PER is 29.8 to Bryant’s 28.0, his win share per 48 minutes is .302 to Bryant’s .224, and his true shooting percentage is .64 compared to Bryant’s .559."

  2. You can’t really guard him. If you guard him body to body, he can just pass by you but if you sag then he can just shoot from way downtown. The only thing you can do is pray that he won’t show up like he always do in the playoffs. That’s the only weakness you can beat the Rockets specially in the playoffs. Their two best players have tendency of not showing up when the game is needed.

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