1. The story said the Bulls could be a team that could offer 80 Million

    Windy City Bulls Shooters
    3 Point shooters Bulls Michael Moulder & Kaiser Gates

  2. Wow! That's a rough call, to stay with what you have and show confidence in your young talent or go out and get this top talent and take away development time away from them! Tough call!

  3. Bulls should just save their money if this all they can go after, this are mediocre players at best ! How dare you compare Randell to Zion? You are completely out of your dome piece if you think they’re alike, completely senile!!!!! Beonce on that bulls bikini is straight 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I'd take Randle over Brodgon, but it's close. Brodgon is a 50'40/90 player who'd work well in the Bulls backcourt w/ Zach. Randle gives the Bulls versatility in the front court.
    As long as the Bulls don't overpay for D. Rose, P. Beverly, Taj Gibson or other over the hill players who'll be better suited on a playoff bound team.

  5. Secondly I think we will be up for sure playoff tank if we add Julius randle over here to the Chicago Bulls I'll be so happy we had Julius randle I was saying this for so long the Chicago Bulls should go after this guy he's really good and I think the Lakers made a huge mistake by trading him they traded lonzo ball and D'Angelo Russell three mistakes the Lakers have made I think we've become I'll for sure team that can actually compete in the playoffs if we add Julius randle

  6. If we going after point guards then yes let's go for rondo or Derrick Rose I'm okay with that Malcolm we do not need for that type of money don't forget the free agent class that's coming out in 2021 and 20 + 22 it's going to be a huge free agent class and we do not want to shoot ourselves in the foot by overpaying Chicago is known for over paying players does not that good

  7. This the year we get to see if the bulls slept on mpj this should be interesting just how bulls fans slept on trae young and cam reddish this year can’t wait for the season to start

  8. Bulls would overpay for either guy. I'd take a hard pass on both. 80 mil+ for either to be coming off the bench doesn't make sense. Young guys need a shot. Keep the money, chase a max FA next year.

  9. I'll take brogdon and that shooting PIDDDDD.. Let felicio weak ass go.!. Brogdon, Levine, Otto, luri, Wendell decent and our bench wit a coby white and Kris Dunn is speedy #LetsDoIt

  10. Cory & Randle would be good and it would make more sense..It would also be more easier money wise… Now of course I think a Randle and Malcolm would be better, but i just don't see it happening.. And not only because of the money, but dude is already on a great team i just don't see it happening but if it does happen and we can also get Randle that would be dope af.. The playoff we'd make prolly

  11. Would you trade next year’s pick protected for Eric Gordon and Pj Tucker to come off the bench for us since? the Rockets trying to create space for Jimmy Butler

  12. Im a Kentucky fan in college so im leaning toward julius Randle signing he can ball both can but brogdon is worth $50 – $60 million not $80 mil just my opinion

  13. Rather have malcom he a shooter and plays defense we dont need a log jam with are big men ,No way in hell markeann going too the bench salute

  14. Congratulations on 5k! Keep uploading and doing your thing, bruv. Now, my take:
    Offering Brogdon is utterly stupid. Just a cluster of guards in this squad already — Got Dunn, drafted Coby, and Arcidiacono as a reserve. Finally, Randle… I mean it would be interesting, but I think Julius wants to find a team that's a contender or a team that has a clear identity; he's in the mindset of wanting to win and not being in a fresh rebuild. I would say Randle would want to join the Nets, Mavericks, or Celtics. And for Corey Joseph… I mean Pat Bev and D-Rose are better options.

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