1. I definitely don't want Westbrook. He hasn't made any of his teammates better. Dude would be stealing boards from WCJ and Lauri and shooting those pull up 3's at a 26% clip. He'll get a triple double, but he'd fuck up the rotation. Kyle Lowry is good, but I wouldn't want to swap Coby for him at this point.

    The Bulls were on some bullshit by not going after D. Rose, but what's new.

    I'd swap Felicio for some flaming hots and a Kiwi Strawberry Mystic. Unless he's a great practice player, the Bulls should take whatever for him

  2. Yup I said it in your D Rose video there ego way to big it’s petty asl and yes they do seem lazy they just pick up guys when it’s easy like wade and rondo when they was past their prime they got lucky asl with LaVine in the Jimmy Butler trade

  3. All the rebuild done for years and waiting for success will be ruined if we try to compete so agresively with trading our pieces for players that dont fit with our timeline, and goals. Chicago fans just need to calm down just have a little patience and let the young team grow naturaly dont overreach. Remember what happened to timberwolves they just overreached, tryed to compete so agresively. Now look at them 2 years later, they wont be competing for many years because of their greed.

  4. Why do they want KL? They just drafted and traded for pgs.

    You are right the reason D Rose isn't back yet is because John Paxson is a sensitive little bitch that got his feeling hurt in the past.he couldn't stand not being able to control Rose.

    If you look back at all of our players types,anyone that spoke up has always been gone quick.

    They get labeled all sorts of ways,they get smeared in the press and eventually they are off the team.

    Erob,Big ben,Gordan,Deng (ONLY after he came out about them almost killing him),Curry,Chandler,Crawford,DWade,Rondo,Butler,Rose,Thibs all of them at some point took a stand against this front office and within a couple of months to a year were all gone.

    Hell even their Golden boys in Skiles,Vinny, Holberg they Eventually turned against.

    This front office has to go.do you all realize this team has had 8 or 9 head coaches since Pax took over in 2003? Averaging under 2 years per coach is Ridiculous.

  5. I'm glad that I'm not a season ticket holder anymore, CUASE the bulls act like it's hard as hell to assemble a starting lineup and good basketball depth for this team sometimes it's good to just get the fuck out the way if you don't know what you are doing. All the money they have at they're disposal and they can't assemble a championship team WoW it's not some super science project or activity damn , Somebody please help us all we will never see another title again with this management , just turn the team over and quit damnit.

  6. Look closely and think, Jerry reinsdorf is the owner and he in his 70s or 80s and has 7 championship so he really can care less about winning

  7. KEEP THE CURRENT TEAM. Let Coby start and develop God damn man. Got a good young core don't go fuck that team chemistry for older players with big annual contracts.

  8. I think his brother Reggie critical of PAX and Gar shitty job. We can keep what we got over lowery

  9. I down voted this vid for all these DRose crying for near 3minutes and you not being able to see the negatives to DRose, the young guys and the fans if he signed with the Bulls.

  10. The Bulls dont try to do what it takes to compete for a Championship. They sign solid players, and have never been a player in the FA lottery.

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