1. as a warrior fan I don't understand why any team would want LeBron, yes in the past he was great player. if you didn't notice key word was, I think father time is catching up to him he is not a great player anymore he's a player that deteriorating every year he's becoming nothing in my opinion yeah he gets a fair amount of points each game, but his team loses to the worse teams in the league and lakers record is worse than last year I think

  2. We got to stop calling this guy the best player in the world be honest with yourself your eyes do not lie Kevin Durant has pastor James Harden has passed him

  3. Since when this kid became LeBron fan? Before 2010 LeBron was a beast, and he dominates every team in the league with his midiocre team other than mo Williams. But Bron couldn't pull it off in the playoffs, but for me that doesn't eliminate him in that goat conversation. But when he started crying out for better teammates, that doesn't eliminate him, but that does affect that goat argument.

  4. Hey VBlog, get yourself together ok! Understand this, LeBron with the Lakers is not doing the organization any good. In fact, the Lakers are already out of the playoffs mainly because of LeBron's tantrums. Did you know that the Cavs' owner, Dan Gilbert was very happy when LeBron left Cleveland? He said he is happy to get his team back. He was the first to see that LeBron was the jinx of the Cavaliers.The team was in 4 NBA finals and was lucky to win 1 courtesy of Kyrie Irving's lucky shot from 3 point range. It wasn't the "best player in the planet" that won the championship in 2016! How can he when he wasn't even playing defense ALL THE TIME! The 2nd time he returned to Cleveland he formed his own team, much to the disgust of the owner. The end result: the last finals, they were swept out by the Warriors. Now I agree with Rob Parker that the jinx is now with the Lakers. Can't really understand what made Magic Johnson brought the GMOAT (Greatest Meltdown of all Time) to LA. I personally admire Magic for his playing prowess, but his latest coup of bringing the DRAMA KING to LA was a terrible mistake. You guys may not know it but LeBron has other reasons for going to LA. Basketball is the last thing he wants to do there because he has already set his mind into show business. Rob Parker in the show UNDISPUTED said that Lebron wants to be a 6'8" Kevin Hart the comedian. If you are wondering who among the Lakers team is the happiest when they got booted out of the playoffs, it's the best actor in the NBA. It's a shame the league does not give out best actor awards when LeBron could be the hands down winner. Because now, LeBron can concentrate on his showbiz carreer. I hate to say this but you Lakers fans got DUPPED

  5. if your buss you SHOULD look at all of the options

    and LeBron is 16 years in sorry

    have u listened to lately…

    not to many players want to go to la to play with lebron

    if im L.A. if it helps my franchise and if gets me in the door with kevin durant or kawhi or anyone else… deuces… lbj

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