Latest Chicago Bulls News! Bulls SIGN Noah Vonleh! Trading Thad Young? Cutting Felicio?

Latest Chicago Bulls News! Bulls SIGN Noah Vonleh! Trading Thad Young? Cutting Felicio? ——————————————————————– Chicago Bulls …



  1. I like Noah a lot as backup PF or even small ball C at times, good player/defender, hustler, rebounder, good energy,also improved in shooting last 2 seasons.. Lets just waive Kornet or Felicio.

  2. I don't understand how gar/pax could justify giving Felicio a $32,000,000 4yr guaranteed contract. Now the Bulls gotten either keep this season or waive him at eat the last 7,000,000 they still owe him. That was a complete waste of salary cap🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. Dallas wants Zach for Hardaway Jr….and picks…Yes!…why not.. another Chi-native returns home, if that trade goes down the front office is showing AD they want him home and he should be home! When is the last time a Chi-native won a Chip?

  4. We got a new talents and young players. Bulls need to run patiently this year. We want Bulls in playoffs. This is our goal this year. There are many new faces and… Future is ours. Developing this players is a hard work but we will see the result soon. Ansious to see this guys playing next season

  5. The Zach Norvell signing was low key genius! They're getting someone who played on a good team and when got the minutes in, played like a baller!!

  6. Good job with the vids man. I like to see that you’re growing on YouTube. I’m am suggesting that u push out to nba content instead of bulls content. Just an idea. Anyways appreciate the grind keep it up.🔥

  7. As Long as Gafford is the main back up center or pf idc what happens to young please cut Felicio. Im 6'4 n can play the center position better than him

  8. He can play center also, a good rim protector & much better option than Felicio & brings more toughness. Thad Young is most likely to get traded. Tomas is a good defender & passer who can play PG or SF & with Dunn gone I think he stays another year coming off the bench with Pat, Denzel & Gafford ain't bad at all . Cant 4get Temple either & Hutch.

  9. 19minutes per game and still averaged 7 rebounds. That’s something to work with I believe. We don’t really have a solid rebounding big man.
    I think he could be a solid role player

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