Latest Chicago Bulls News! Bulls Trading LaVine? Patrick Beverley Coming Home? Trading The 7th Pick?

Latest Chicago Bulls News! Bulls Trading LaVine? Patrick Beverley Coming Home? Trading The 7th Pick?


  1. Get Colby White he is tall quick and can score. Stop with all the Lonzo Ball talk. Lonzo is Garbage can't stay healthy terrible outside game, terrible defender, and come on a 56% free throw shooter. And nobody wanna hear Lavar saying anything about Chicago a hard nose Basketball City home of the 2 greatest BBall players of all time. While this bum is living of the success of soon to be draft bust kid.

  2. Everyone is all hyped up bout other players from other teams they need to focus on homegrown talent from within stop focusing on over the age veterans with a heavy contract on top injury vulnerable

  3. The 4th pick isn't worth a seasonal player like lavine. He is a scorer and athletic. Only way I'd trade anything is to move up and get j Morant. Grizzlies would take lavine , wendle Carter Jr and our 7 pick for their #2

  4. If gar pax trade LaVine for lonzo ball they would be the laughing stock of NBA! I think they should get bol bol in the draft that kid is gonna be amazing if his feet hold up I've never seen I guy his size that can move and shoot like he does he's a special talent also he needs to eat something cause he's a skinny mofo

  5. This better not be true. Trade Zach LaVine hell nahhhh. He working his game. An be how to healthy gold last year and he did it.. he average 24 points per game. 3nd year he be comfortable to take over games. he's going to be the most improved player of the year 2020💯

  6. A point guard away from being a playoff team/ attractive to future superstar FA's & they wanna trade LaVine…….. yup, definitely sounds like a GarPax kinda move. Dumbasses

  7. Second thing we can do is draft up we can trade up we can trade Wendell Carter jr. And try to get RJ Barrett or we Tre Otto Porter Jr and the 7th pick instead of wendell Carter jr. And go get RJ Barrett

  8. Trading Lavine would be a huge mistake! He is an ascending star! I know we didnt draft him so people say he's expendable, but he can be the face of the franchise. Lonzo "special" passing does not trump Lavine's special scoring!!! And that's what the League is about!

  9. I swear the Bulls better not trade Lavine and our pick for Ball and their pick…that doesn't benefit us in any way whatsoever. A move like this actually sets us back a couple of years but that would be typical garpax smh 🤦🏼‍♂️

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