Lauri Markkanen Full Highlights Bulls vs Magic 2018.12.21 – 32 Points, SICK Poster!

Lauri Markkanen Full Game Highlights | Orlando Magic vs Chicago Bulls | December 21, 2018 | 2018-19 NBA Season ✓ Subscribe, Like & Comment for More!



  1. the refs now in this league are mad soft, they don't even give BRON a tech for hanging on the rim for a dunk like that, i mean seriously

  2. pussification of nation. that T for dunk staredown. everyone is so offended. i hate this "pc" bullshit technical foul. on the other note. when lavine is not ballhogging, Lauri shines. makes you wonder

  3. Get him open and its going to be a good shoot every time. cant wait for a 40 bomb from Lauri, a bit hard to do with these team mates though.

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