1. They aren’t the best fit for lonzo … they have little IQ , they always gave him last second shot to not have turnovers , don’t look at the ball when they PnR , he will not be able to fully max his potential here…

  2. Your not always going to score that many points but you still have ways to win the game without scoring that much. Zo did well with his passing and getting rebounds. Even him not scoring that much he played 37 minutes. He was not put on the bench. still zo can play and finish the game without scoring alot of points

  3. The play at 5:42 is exactly WTF I'm talking about Lonzo! Just because they are gapping you aka leave you open. Don't mean you got to shoot a 3 to prove anything. Keep it up!

  4. Bad night. But he was clutch in the 4th.

    He's been balling for the last 5 games but believe me haters are gonna resurface after this game.

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